Friday, July 17, 2009

Drum roll please...

This morning's weigh-in shows me down just a hair over 20 pounds since starting this program a few days shy of 6 weeks ago! Wow, just wow. That is pretty spectacular progress, particularly considering how not-hard it has felt. I now weigh 5 pounds less than when we left on our bathing-suit vacation last year and a little over 2 pounds less than my lowest of all last year (where I was for one brief week).

This weight will be brief too...for now. I feel a comfy cushion for next week's vacation. Although, of course, I hope to still hang on to SOME moderation. And I will get right back on the wagon when we're home. I am thisclose to weighing what I did before quitting smoking 6 years ago... I would love to be there again. 10 pounds should just about do it. :-)

This week has been a huge loss week...biggest so far except for the first week. I'm not sure why, but I'll take it!

The best description I can give of how I feel is that I feel like this program is bringing my body to the weight it is meant to be. When I stop losing on this plan, that is probably where I should stay. No matter what the scale says or what that darned BMI says! ;-)

Our Anniversary Week started off with a bang last night going to see Jet. I have no idea why they are not huge superstars -- they have great musicianship, great songs, great hooks. DB and I sang "our" song to each other last night with them at the top of our was fantastic. :-)

We leave very early tomorrow morning and I can't wait to BE there...our island getaway!!!


Vickie said...

good for you! have a great week! and can't wait to see the pictures. if you try hard to eat what you TRULY want - and eat carbs and protein together - it should help a lot.

don't forget major WATER.

Vickie said...

and sunblock

Vickie said...

not sure what comments (where?) you mean???

Vickie said...

found what you meant (it wasn't yesterday's) it was actually today's - I tuck them in and then put the link on my sidebar.

it is an eye opener to most people - I agree.

Bea said...

Have too much fun. Have a thin girl vacation. Have a romantic vacation. Take pictures. Bon voyage.

Laura N said...

Man oh man! congrats on the 20 pounds. I think I'm going to go back to the first book's plan. I think this 2nd book is too complicated. Or maybe I'm just not up for it. I love getting inspired by your results.

Can't wait to hear how STJ was! & see pictures, of course.

Cindy...154 said...

Ok that's it, I am getting out the book. Have a great week and we all want to see pictures!!!

Vickie said...

wonderful time?

missed you all week!

looking forward to the pictures - send them to the middle child too please.