Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back on the bike

Today I realized it's a good thing I have avoided even looking toward the beach/ocean these past couple of months when I couldn't go down there...ahhhhh, it's beautiful! If I would have LOOKED, I would have felt much more sad that I couldn't GO.

We biked down the beach to brunch today and it was a glorious day...sunny, waves were so big and fun-looking...I longed to boogie board (it was warm enough), but my toe incision still won't let me go to the sand or in the ocean. Oh, but it looked FUN!! :-) And it felt wonderful to have the breeze going past me as I sped on my bike faster than I've been able to go in a long time!! :-))

After brunch, we biked the other direction up the beach and saw the Malibu wildfires...sadly, we are pretty used to those happening pretty much yearly, but the smoke today was very close and looked bad. Despite this, down by us, it was a beautiful breezy (not good for fires) day. We stopped by DB's old place to pick up some mail and chatted with his old neighborhood friends (note that this neighborhood is only about 10 blocks from our place!).

When we got home, I broke out the leaf sucker and had at it in our yard (our eucalyptus drops leaves like nobody's business and with DB's very bad shoulder he can't do this job which is usually his). Took me almost an hour, but I got it all sucked up. The mulch smelled amazing and it was actually very fun...gave me a huge sense of accomplishment to get it so much cleaner. The exercise felt good. I had to head to the shower immediately afterward though because my toe had gotten quite dirty. The rest of the afternoon I spent with a crossword and finishing a movie I had started the other night from Netflix. Ahh...relaxation. The remaining boxes can wait...

DB leaves again tomorrow early morning (this time for business trip). Luckily it's only four nights this time...if possible, I miss him even more when he's gone as time goes by! Then he's back for a week, then back to Nearby Town for his parents, then home for a month during which he'll have HIS surgery.

Life is never boring...and that's a good thing. ;-)

I think my thyroid medication is making me less hungry. Maybe it's psychosomatic, but it feels like it. Maybe that's why I lost a few lbs. this week? Who knows?


Lori said...

I was at the gym this morning and it was on CNN. My first thought was "I hope Helen's okay" and debated calling you up or something. You can tell what a shaky grasp of California geography I have....

You sound like you had a lovely day and the biking sounds like fun. (I don't know how to ride but I would if I could.) You'll be in the sand soon! I know you will!

Helen said...

I'm close to Malibu, but not RIGHT there...but we can see it. I'm thinking of walking down to the beach tonight to see if I can see the flames. Today it was all just smoke. LOTS of smoke up the coast. Very unlikely to have a wildfire down here in Venice...the hills are where it's dangerous (also where it's pretty, unfortunately!). When you come out and visit, you'll get it. :-)