Friday, October 19, 2007

Getting back to the routine

Today I weighed in. Lost a couple of pounds since last week even without being back to exercise or watching my food carefully. Maybe last week it was high because it was the pre-PMS week. Or maybe...who knows? Anyway, I'm slowly getting back to "normal" and hopefully...lighter.

I walked Doglet last night. Both he and I were thrilled to get back into the neighborhood after being "trapped" on our property for so long. The ocean smells amazing. In the autumn it's quiet down here and very special. I didn't manage to walk as far as I hoped last night, but was happy with my progress. Tonight I walked a block farther. steps as Vickie says... :-)

It's actually a great practice to realize how these little things that I've taken for granted are so pleasureful. :-)

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Lori said...

It is baby steps as Vickie says. Tonight I was at a party that was on a steep incline with holes and yes, I was terribly nervous. And yes, I did leave early because the idea of alcohol, steep hill, bad knee, sore thigh=accident waiting to happen.

OTOH, I did appreciate how far I've come.

I'm glad you saw it quicker than I did. ;-) And you lost weight! Yippee!!

It's funny how we take little things like putting our bare legs and feet under the covers, walking around with the Doglet and not having a gigantic pin in our toes for granted.