Monday, October 22, 2007

Southern California is on fire

And not in a good way.

I've spent a lot of today worrying and working on getting DB's oldest daughter (Little Mom) and her three kids (including our beloved Princess) out of the fire area (in the Santa Clarita Valley north of here). They had mandatory evacuations just a block from her house and she was there with her kids, some other kids whose parents had to go to work (schools were closed), and NO CAR. :-( I was thisclose to jumping in my car to go get them this morning. Luckily her sister-in-law came and got them and they are now ensconced in front of a tv at a restaurant waiting for Little Mom's man to get off work and decide what is next. I really wish they'd all come down and stay with me (especially since DB is gone), but I understand they want to stay home as long as they can.

It is highly unlikely that a fire would get us at our place...the fires usually are worst in the hills and we are in the flats by the ocean. But I sure am glad I sucked up all the dry leaves by our house yesterday.

It's unbelievable...I've never seen it this bad here (and we have fires every year). Tonight I'll walk Doglet down at the beach and see what I can see up toward Malibu.

Doing a rain dance...

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Vickie said...

Makes me antsy just to think about knowing someone that had to be evacuated - I can just imagine how you felt about getting in the car and just going to get them. What's going on today???