Thursday, October 25, 2007

I love the moon like some people love the sun

Tonight the full moon here is as orange as the top of this blog. Dark coppery orange. From all the smoke in the air. The fires are diminishing, but who knows what damage is happening to our lungs (and other organs which I understand also soak up the particulate matter). I've heard some people say that in a few years we may have similar diseases out here as the post-9/11 rescue workers are suffering from. I'm not too worried for me, but it's scary to think that something you can't see or smell is potentially hurting you.

Tonight I walked a little less than the past two nights at the beach, but I did my pilates DVD. Felt really good. I want SO much to get back to feeling comfortable in my body.

Which reminds me...there is something wrong with the toe next to The Toe. It just hangs there and it's numb. I talked with the doc about it this week and he says it's possible that there's a stress fracture from walking funny for all this time. DB thinks maybe I broke it too originally and we just didn't notice. I have to find time to go to the doc to check it out. :-(

DB has been gone all this week and I can't wait until he's home tomorrow. He's been gone most of the past two weeks and that has been hard. He's home for one week next week, then gone again for a week. After that, we have a whole month with him at home...yippeeeeee!

Almost time for 30 Rock and The Office...gotta go!

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Lori said...

Maybe some physical therapy will do the trick; hopefully when they x-rayed your big toe, they have film of the toe next to it.

I'm glad you were able to do your pilates DVD.

I'm going to replay 30 Rock as Alec Baldwin was terrific tonight. I scared my cats from laughing so hard at him.