Wednesday, October 24, 2007


It's very hot here...and smoky. Just went out to lunch (haven't been out of the office at all this week until evening) and it's hot and the air smells of smoke. There's a haze over the whole city. I also realized that I've been sneezing a lot this week...probably because of all the particulate matter in the air. Yuck.

Just heard from a friend of ours in San Diego -- the fires aren't to their area yet, but they still have their trailer packed and ready to go. The San Diegans are getting it worse than we are.

My French family e-mailed this morning to check on us...I guess even in Europe they see our beautiful area burning.

I wish it would rain.

In the meantime, I'm trying to do a 10-block walk every night this week...getting back in the swing of exercise slowly. It's very hard for me not to just jump in, but I know that I need to rehab or I'll be sorry later.

Food has been good this week (until we just had a going-away lunch for a colleague...the salmon and mashed potatoes with spinach was amazing, but large portion and probably full of butter). I really need to get back to WOW...I've been drowning my sorrows way too much in wine. :-(

P.S. I got sucked in to watching The Biggest Loser last night for almost the whole show (I rarely watch TV except for The Office and 30 Rock)...I liked it, but am not sure if I want to keep watching it. Although the "poker game" they played last night put me off food for quite a while!!!

P.P.S. I got bored with my old template...don't know how to change HTML so just picked a new one from the ones they provide. I think I like this one..."Sand Dollar" seems good for a beach girl like me! :-)

And one last thing...check this out. This was used as a tool in the natural vision improvement class I just's cool.


Thora said...

Glad to hear you are ok! Take care and I hope it's all over soon.

Cindy174 said...

Wow, I am just getting caught up on my favorite blogs. I am glad you are getting back to the beach. and Wow about the description of the effects of the fires. We have a company in San Diego and have been getting updates on our people there, but no descriptives like you have given here. I never really thought about how all that smoke would impact the sunlight and air in the surrounding areas. I hope you all stay okay. I love hearing about the beach, you are sooooooo lucky!!!