Thursday, October 4, 2007

Gearing up to feel good again

I'm hoping that the pin will be able to come out of the Frankentoe next Tuesday when I have my next appointment with my doctor -- please hope along with me -- ok, everyone, close your eyes and wish REALLY HARD!! ;-)

With that in mind, I'm really really looking forward to being able to exercise again. I have literally not been able to walk more than a block (and that is hard) for over a month now. I hope that once the pin is out I will be able to walk normally, but my foot has been so immobile for so long that that is possibly a dream. In any event, I'll be able to move more than I have been able to and that should help the rapidly spreading butt.

I don't know how much I have gained in these last two months, but my clothes are tight enough that any fitted ones are uncomfortable. I'm guessing it's at least 10 pounds. And I truly have not been eating more than before. I really get pissed off that I seem to gain weight more easily than other people do. Maybe I'm kidding myself and it's just that other people move more and eat less, but I know that there are some people I know who eat more and move less and do not gain. Oh well...

I went to my gyne this morning. My hormone replacement therapy is working great -- we just tweaked a few things to try to get my period to be a little more normal (you're supposed to keep getting your period on this kind of therapy). She wanted to check my thyroid (which we have done before due to the weight stuff, but nothing has showed up on blood tests). Well, today they did another test (I forget what it's called, but it's not a blood test, is cheaper and is more accurate) and found that I do have a hypothyroid condition. She gave me some bio-identical meds for it and also has me taking an iodine pill a day to help with cysty breasts (I had another "bad" mammogram a few weeks ago). I always feel really hopeful and healthy when I go see her...she's really into both Western and Eastern healing...if she was on my insurance plan, I'd probably make her my main doctor. Anyway, I feel very good about this. Maybe the thyroid stuff will mom told me she had this condition too and was on meds for it for years (I never really knew this).

We're still madly working on the new house -- selling old stuff on Craigs List, buying new stuff on Craigs List, trying to coordinate all that, still doing improvements and unpacking, etc. But living together ROCKS. We've got adjustments to each other, of course (like, would he PLEASE put his glass in the dishwasher or at least in the sink?!), but in general it's fantastic and I am so happy.

I plan to weigh in a week from tomorrow to get back on the Friday weigh-ins (my gyne didn't make me weigh today since I have the huge post-op shoe on) and find out the damage. I am looking forward to feeling GOOD's been a long time since I have...


Lori said...

Do they think you'll need physical therapy after the pin comes out? I suspect that you'll get PT and/or maybe a little brace to help your foot.

Remember, you are probably eating the same amount BUT you are NOT exercising or moving anywhere near what you were before the Toe Incident. Give yourself and your body a break. You are not sucking in fat atoms although I can understand that feeling. Think of what you would have gained if you had not been watching carefully without exercise.

I hope the mammogram turns out okay. I have an appointment with my doctor about getting a referral to get mine aspirated.

I'm happy that you and the DB are getting along so swimmingly. It's not been an easy time with moving (always stressful), vacations (nice stress), and surgeries/injuries. It makes me happy that you two are so happy!

Vickie said...

I hoped and prayed so hard for your toe and for you! that I had major toe sympathy pain for 24 hours. It was both my big toes - alternating.

I had a tiny thought about coming to California.

I think that Sharla Rae, my mother's husband's oldest daughter, you and my husband's brother and his wife all live in very close proximity to each other (San Diego and Laguna Beach (SP?) and you).

I don't know if I could actually DO this or not - but I did mention it to my husband. . .

Grumpy Chair said...

I wished for you too, even closed my eyes (which I was afraid I wouldn't want to open back up . . . so tired).

What was the other test for your thyroid? Debbi (shrinking knitter) has a bunch of the symptoms of hypothyroidism, but all the blood work says she is normal. I have Hashimoto's (which is a precurser to hypothyroid) but never ever test abnormal, even though I have a goiter!

Hang in there. Hope big toe is feeling better.

Note to Vickie; Go to California.