Wednesday, October 17, 2007

V-T Day ;-)

Well the toe is free, but it's still got a ways to go before being fixed.

Oddly, the removal of the pin (which they do with a kind of surgical pair of pliers) did not hurt. The thought of it, however, did make me nauseous (I closed my eyes so didn't see it actually happening). Once it was out (pretty quickly actually) it did hurt...the point at the top of the toe where the pin came out bled a little (more nauseous...I really don't like blood) and it hurt when they put pressure on it. Other than that, it was quite simple. I go back in 6 weeks for another check.

The scabbing and swelling are still pretty severe so it's challenging to figure out what shoes to wear (the doc said I can wear what I want and today that's flip-flops...I think Crocs and Uggs will also be comfy). I have exercises to do with my toe -- stretching, massaging and putting it in a box of beans or rice and working on grasping with the toes. I can't really feel my toe totally yet (and won't be able to feel some of it ever since he had to cut a nerve) but it's better than yesterday.

After the removal, I went shopping to celebrate -- I'm looking for a California King comforter and cover to fit our new bed and they are HARD to find. No luck at either of the two stores I checked yesterday and I'm having little luck on-line either. Then went home and had some Indian food to celebrate...and watched the first part of Gangs of New York (which I haven't ever seen...very interesting so far). I got to sleep in bed with my toe covered up for the first time in 6 weeks -- bliss!! Can't wait for DB to get home now that we can cuddle again!!! :-)

Now I've got to motivate myself to get going on exercise again...I'm a total blob. Will try to walk Doglet a little tomorrow and try some of the DVDs that Lori sent me. I want my body back. Which reminds me...

I had a little thought (revelation?) the other day about my body and me. I always have felt that my body was not really ME...this is part of my spiritual belief system and I'm very vaguely pondering if this might have something to do with my weight issues...if my body is not me, I take less good care of it. BUT (also part of my beliefs) we have so much to learn in these bodies...shouldn't I make mine as good a learning tool as it can be? Will think more on this...

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Lori said...

I'm with you, I couldn't watch someone do that to me -- removing the pin. I'm glad that it didn't hurt. The exercises sound kind of fun and easy to do while watching tv. I remember when I got my brace off and could feel the sheets against my skin -- definitely bliss!

Your comment about not feeling that your body was really you -- it's interesting. Sometimes I look at it as a separate entity. I get mad at it, annoyed when it hurts and see it as something that sometimes "turns against me." I hadn't thought of it in the way you just described and now I am thinking about what you said. If I see it as part of me, maybe I can forgive myself (and the body/brain) more when I "screw" up and move forward. Or, maybe I can say, "Poor leg -- you've been overworked and I'll take a break." (Instead I usually go, "Grr, dammit, you WILL go to the gym and you WILL walk for 15 minutes at a minimum.")

Good but troubling thoughts. I hope you have a wonderful shoe/toe day!