Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Finally, a non-poochy Wednesday!!

So maybe it's not Wednesday...I'm feeling not-too-poochy today. But I have been feeling a lot more hungry than usual yesterday and today. This is weird because I literally eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every weekday and have been for weeks. Last night I was so hungry after work that I wished I had something to eat on the way to the gym -- I thought I was going to be sick, I was so hungry! I made it through my workout though and went home for a nice salad and my popsicle treat. :-) Maybe my muscles are needing more fuel? I was doing so well with not being hungry so this is kind of disconcerting...

Our ski bus trip was officially cancelled last night so from then until this morning I was madly looking for another bus trip to take us and, voila, I found one! It's more expensive than the one we had booked (by about $40/person), but we were really disappointed at the thought of not going when we had been looking forward to it so much. Taking the bus "tour" makes a weekend up to Mammoth (about 5-6 hour drive away) doable without missing work -- the bus leaves at 6 pm on Friday and gets back about 10 pm on Sunday. In the middle, we get two full days of skiing, get to stay in a nice condo and get to relax on the drive (rather than driving ourselves). I'm really happy that this worked out! Lots of fun exercise coming up for the weekend! :-)

Tonight I'm taking my mom to see the Joan Rivers show (it was that good) and a colleague and my assistant are also going...looking forward to laughing a lot again even though I have to JAM home to pick up my mom in order to get to the theatre by 7:30.

Tomorrow night I have yoga, then we have to JAM (again) to get our ski rentals for the weekend and pack.

In among this, there's no time to know, there SHOULDN'T be time. We'll pack dinner for the bus on Friday night and will try to have something healthy for the drive home as well (they offer to order pizza...and beer...yikes!!).

I'm hopeful that the scale will continue down at my Friday weigh-in...I am happy that it feels like it is and that I'm being good on The Drastic, but I sure wish it was faster!!!!!!!! Can I get an AMEN to that? :-)


Grumpy Chair said...

Enjoy the show - I have always loved Joan Rivers - but Phyllis Diller was the queen in my book.

So glad you found another trip for this weekend - enjoy!

Ooh and great about not feeling poochy (my lap once again is beginning to sit on the top of my thighs - grrr!).

Cindy164 said...

Amen, I wish it were way faster. But I am the tortoise of weight loss. I hope you have a blast on your trip. Being busy does keep me out of the food, unless I have one of those moments where I quickly and mindlessly inhale something that has more calories than an entire day's plan. Horray for the non-poochy and hooray for the Drastic. Sometimes I am more hungry than others, but I think that is when I am really losing weight, so hang in there and maybe you will see a loss.

ar said...

Wow Hellen. You have me exhausted with all your activities. Mountain trip the one day, jetting off to NY the other, intense gardening, and now off on a skiing trip. FANTASTIC!!!! AND, one CAN only loose weight on that frenetic pace and lifestyle with all the excitement and looking forward to events and outings. Hope you have a wonderful time.