Monday, April 21, 2008

Yoga and other weekend stuff

Weekend was wonderful and relaxing...I had grocery-shopped last Wed. night so I didn't even have to do that! I literally had almost no plans!!! :-) We watched Lars and the Real Girl on Friday night (loved it), then slept in on Saturday. Took Doglet for a little walk, puttered around, then I went to yoga at 4. Despite literally working in a puddle of my sweat, it was great!!! I managed to make it through the whole class and do all but one thing and this is a TOUGH teacher. I was so proud of me. And I know I couldn't have done it a few months ago with all the extra weight and without my private yogas. But I am SORE still today -- every single muscle in my body aches (in a good way). Anyone who thinks yoga isn't tough exercise hasn't ever really done it!! I can't wait to get back to yoga full-time (after our trip, hopefully). I konked out early Sat. night.

Yesterday DB and I slept in (again), then after breakfast walked the whole boardwalk shopping for stuff for our trip (backpacks, hats, bathing suits for DB). It took us about 2 1/2 hours. Then we had a very late lunch at the Vietnamese place across the street, then home to chill until a little after 6 when we got on our bikes to head down to the Santa Monica Pier for a free concert for Earth Day. It was windy and COLD (well, Cali Cold) and my bike wasn't working too great so it was quite a workout peddling against the wind while bundled up!!! We hung down there and watched Taj Mahal for a while, then biked home after sunset. Had salad for dinner and some snacks.

I ate a little bit too much this weekend celebrating the weight loss...but I am back on the wagon today and hope it'll keep going down this week...I really can see the difference. :-)


Vickie said...

glad the yoga is back to the "can do" and "make your own puddle" stage.

Did I ever mention that I keep a long skinny beach towel (folded in half length wise down the center of my mat? I can either stand on it or off to either side. It is to catch sweat and to cushion my knees. If it is bugging me - I just kick it aside. I roll it up in my mat each time - I think that the moisture wicks out of the mat better with it in there.

Curious about the ONE that you couldn't (or perhaps shouldn't) do.

Helen said...

Luckily, I took a little sweat towel...knowing what I'd be in for!

The ONE I couldn't do was transitioning to Warrior 3 from Ardha Chandrasana (Half-Moon). I just couldn't keep my balance doing that on one foot!

This was a very heavy 1 hr. 45 minute "flow" class...some holds, but not long ones and mostly standing poses. I can't wait for next Saturday (my teacher will still be subbing the class so I'll be going again!)

ar said...

Wonderful about the weight loss showing and making you enjoy your favourite yoga like almost old times. Feel completely envious. Love Vietnamese food, last time I had it was in Vancouver, Canada in 2000. Nice Vietnamese Restaurant in the West End. Wonder whether it is still there.

L.G. said...

You know, I thought I was the only one who ate out to celebrate a weight loss. ;-)

You're doing great with the exercise and the food. I get jealous of other people being able to do this and that but then I've been known to be jealous of people who can sing and whistle too.

It's so nice that you got back into the yoga and you're enjoying yourself. Whee!

Grumpy Chair said...

I take a towel for yoga too, but my poses don't generate the hard core yogameister poses you and Vickie are capable of . I use it for my knees.

Have a great week.

Cindy154 said...
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Cindy154 said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful and relaxing. You have been working hard so I doubt you have to worry about eating a little extra so long as you are back on track. I am just beginning in yoga. I really like it. It's challenging and then relaxing all at the same time. sounds like I better bring a towel even though I doubt we get to the sweaty part in my intro class...