Friday, April 25, 2008

Officially 20 + pounds down! :-)

I lost another pound and a half this week (not too bad considering it's PMS week AND I had a huge loss last week) and this makes me officially down 20.2 pounds since mid-February. I am a happy camper.

BUT...this loss (unfortunately) doesn't mean I have to go buy all new clothes. I am still digging out things that used to fit and that I haven't been brave enough to try for a long time. The pants I have on today fit me about 3 years ago so I guess my big gain of about 20 pounds or more must have happened from about May 2005 to October 2006. From October 2006 until February of this year, I have been up and down but mostly have maintained in a 10-pound range. I am now seriously below the lowest I have been since October 2006.

Yes, I still want to lose more. Realistically, I can maybe lose 5 more pounds before we leave for vacation (one month from yesterday!). That will give me 5 pounds or so to play with while in margarita and chips land (where I'll also hopefully be doing a lot of exercise -- walking, snorkeling, swimming, etc.) and I can get back to loss again when we get home in June. Maybe I can lose another 10 or more before Burning Man...that would be fun! :-)

In the meantime, I am feeling pretty good in my body -- I actually put on clothes and feel like I look good more often than not (that was rare over the past few years). Even though I see some pretty yucky flaws (where did that underarm skin flap come from?!), I guess it's better than it was!!

Tomorrow is heavy-duty yoga again in the afternoon and we have three of the grandkids coming tomorrow afternoon for two days' visit. This is Princess (8-year-old girl), Smiley (3-year-old girl) and Cry Baby (1-year-old boy who hates me inexplicably so when I picture him I just see a wide open crying mouth...I'll get him a better name when he stops that!). We are having some friends and their two kids (2 Y.O. and 7 mo. old) down for a beach day on Sunday and that should be fun...maybe I'll crack out my wetsuit to get in the ocean! ;-)

Have a good weekend, everyone!


Cindy154 said...

AMAZING!!!!!!!! I love milestones. You have done so well. So fantastic, in fact. I am really really really happy for you. I want to get my final pounds off sooner rather than later... And seeing you do it the way you have with the Drastic has put me in higher gear. You have set a fantastic example! I love the names for the grandkids. Don't worry, cry baby will probably have a change of heart eventually.

PS - underarm stuff is going around. I don't know what the deal is. I don't like what I see when I see mine. Maybe I can research some specific magical underarm repairing exercise.

With all those little ones around you are bound to get some exercise..

ar said...

AWESOME!!!! So happy for you. Also love the names for the grand kids. :>)

Grumpy Chair said...

That is wonderful! Congratulations Helen on all your hard work.

Enjoy those grand babies today.

Vickie said...

did you have a fun filled kid weekend?

congrats on the 20. really shows focus and determination!!!

L.G. said...


LOL, Cry Baby...of course, I'm thinking of John Waters now too.

I'm glad you're enjoying the body and the clothes. You're doing really well on the Drastic and I know you'll be fine on your vacation.