Friday, April 11, 2008

Still losing...

...but not much this week. I'm down just 0.6 pounds and still 0.2 from the elusive 15 pound mark.

One of the really good things about The Drastic (which really, when I think about it, is just being serious and honest about what I am putting into my body) is that I know exactly what happened this week that was different than other weeks when I have lost more:

- Ski trip last weekend = lots of now-unaccustomed drinking, more snacking than usual, different exercise.
- Three unaccustomed meals this work week = business lunch on Tuesday (I ate salad, but full-fat dressing), dinner out on Wednesday (I ate veggie fajitas, but had a glass of wine and a few chips) and lunch out yesterday (sushi = soy sauce = sodium = weight)

I am actually very happy to have seen the scale go down today with all that in mind. But it still is pretty frustrating that I can be SO good (relatively few "cheats" in a week) and still be oh-so-close to gaining, not losing. :-(

I have a very busy weekend (when do I not?) -- DB and I are taking Princess (granddaughter) to a benefit for a monkey sanctuary tomorrow morning early, then lunch with her family and some friends who live in that town, then cocktail party tomorrow night (where I will have ONE glass of wine). Sunday we are headed to Nearby Town to see DB's oldest sister who is on duty there with the parents this week (even though she's actually fighting breast cancer herself right now). Somehow I will have to get in my two exercise episodes this weekend and I am DETERMINED to make that work. Without that, I am done for.

I still have a good chance of losing another 5 pounds before we leave for Mexico in about 6 weeks...I'd love it to be more, but am trying to be realistic. The happy news is that several people actually have mentioned this week that they see me getting thinner and that is very good impetus to keep going and not yo-yo up again. My clothes are comfortable and, for the first time in a long time, I actual feel like I'm starting to look good.

I have my annual physical on Monday. I've been feeling kind of weird/yucky some the past week -- headaches (which I never get), dizziness, chest discomfort, hot flashes. I think it's probably hormone imbalance (and hope it's not something scary!) so am getting special blood tests on Monday to go over with my gyne.

My private yoga is over as of last night -- I shed a tear when leaving my teacher's house -- it has been SO HARD for me to get back on the mat because of fear of hurting myself, fear of facing how my yoga skills have diminished (I try to think of it as "changed"). Fear. With my teacher (a fellow Hoosier!), I have gotten back enough confidence to keep going and have gotten comfortable with my own practice. Another of my favorite teachers is subbing some classes the next two weekends that I will be able to attend. That will get me back into the studio atmosphere so I will have faced another hurdle -- and I feel comfortable with her because I know she knows my issues and my abilities. After that, I will have to face a class where I don't know the teacher or what to expect. Scary, but by then I should feel even more confident and able to keep on going.

Right now, the pervasive feeling I have is one of getting back to ME. I want to keep going that way... :-)


Grumpy Chair said...

Helen you are doing so great in all areas.

I hope you are able to find a good yoga studio and continue your practice.

ar said...

Ditto Grumpy Chair. You are doing FANTASTIC. Doing the DRASTIC and having FUN. Without going off the rails. Now that is self-discipline in BIG caps. Also hope you will find a good yoga studio.

Cindy154 said...

Any loss is good loss. Staying the same is as good as a loss for me sometimes. I love that you are doing the Drastic. And, being realistic about it all. Hope your weekend went great!