Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Wednesday Poochies

They're baaaaaaack. I've been oh-so-good this week so it's either (a) PMS week (which is really a misnomer since my period comes infrequently even on the hormones, or (b) I just was so EMPTY last week after The Vomit Disease that I felt slim all week. I sure hope I do not put any of that weight back on...grrrrrrrrr.

Will continue to be extra-good...feeling thinner feels GOOD. :-)


ar said...

Am certain these feelings will pass. Do they not always? You have been doing so well and that is awesome.

Cindy154 said...

I feel like I may not lose this week, but if I just keep on trying extra hard, who knows...I feel like I am retaining water. Did not have enough yesterday. And perhaps have had more salt...You are doing so well, you probably just notice things more now. More awareness. Awareness turns to action, too.