Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another new gym relationship

I joined tonight. I am kinda in love. I know this feeling and it is totally like falling in love...and not being sure if he/it is the right one...exciting, but hopeful.

I did the 4-session trainer join-up thing. I ran into "my" trainer tonight and she gave me a big hug. We have scheduled our first 2 sessions for this Thursday night and next Monday. I am excited to learn what she can teach me...and I know I will have to teach her some stuff about my challenges too. ;-)

Of course, the "salesman" (who was not the one I had talked with before), tried to get me to agree to their "usual" three trainer sessions for $195, but I stood my ground: the other guy promised me 4 for that price AND I had talked with this SAME GUY at lunchtime today to make sure the deal was the same. Shady. Just be sure to READ WHAT YOU SIGN. I got the 4 sessions. :-)

After I signed up, I did the elliptical for 11 minutes (lucky number) to warm up. Then did an hour yoga class that I am still, an hour later, wet with sweat from (yes, I'd better get to a shower soon!). Gym Yoga is not Studio Yoga. But I can live with it. It's cheaper and I have less expectations. And it's STILL YOGA. Tonight's class was more vinyasa-y, but not bad except for a lot of repetitive knee motions which I just didn't do. I am very good at taking care of myself in yoga because of my training. Not so much with other forms of exercise, but I'm trying.

Ski Weekend was great!! I remember how!! I skied the intermediate runs (well, not all of the ones I could do at the end of last season...from fear...but I can still ski the harder runs!!) We took it pretty easy...no more than 3 hours per day. DB was totally sore, but I (thanks to workouts the prior week, I AM SURE) only felt good-sore in my quads. Yay!! I worked my legs and core and THAT IS WHAT I NEED MOST. And it's FUN (and scary sometimes). Oh yeah, and romantic with DB up there in those mountains and snow and hot tubs. ;-)

We are JAMMED with plans until we leave for week-long birthday ski vacation on January 29. I am VERY VERY VERY stressed at work right now. I need my exercise for balance. I will hang onto that.

And now I need a shower.


Helen said...

Post-shower P.S.:

More on ski weekend: for the first time EVER, I did not gain an OUNCE this weekend. I was not perfect, but vigilant. AND, despite swollen knees, I am reminded that skiing is REALLY good for the knees (as long as you STOP when pain STARTS). I see how my quad will be so much stronger...even probably after just our next ski time (week).

More on work: I am doing the job of 2 1/2 people (or more) right now. My bosses are great about noticing and asking if I need help. I want to be able to do it...and it's hard to say I can't. But it's part of my job to know when to say "when". And that part I'm not so good at...

Vickie said...

I am so glad you had fun and your knees were no worse for the wear. I don't normally over worry about your knees when you ski, but because of your recent troubles, this time I was sort of crossing my fingers. Good for you on the mindfulness of your trip (all the way around), bodes well for this ski season!

so sorry about work situation. all you can do is make sure you have the work prioritized in the right order and limit your number of hours. I realize how easy it would be to literally work around the clock and not take care of yourself. It is good that you are prioritizing your exercise and your food and your personal time. Hopefully you are able to turn off the monkey mind and sleep with all that pressure.