Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trainer appointment

Although my right knee was (and is) still totally swollen from the Zumba fiasco, I kept my appointment with the trainer at the gym last night. She was a sweetheart and I actually learned some stuff from her (floor work, ball work, glute and rowing machines), but:

- She seriously was clueless about people with injuries/challenges. I had to keep telling her I couldn't do repetitive up-and-down motion with my knees in their current state (or ever, really). She kept looking at me like "huh?".
- I am not a trainer person. I want to WORK at the gym, not chat. I could have gotten what we did in an hour and a half done in an hour without the chit-chat.

I am still pretty irritated that the guy "selling" me the membership (which I haven't bought yet, didn't hear a red flag when I mentioned "Zumba" and "bad knees" in the same conversation. I think I'll talk with him about that when I join. Yes, while not perfect, I think I'll join the gym. There are class options that I MIGHT be able to do in addition to yoga and it's always good to have a place where you can go to work on cardio and weights.

Frustration over my weight is really getting me down. I haven't changed anything about my eating in the past week and have worked out 3 times HARD and I weigh almost 4 pounds more than I did last week. Seriously? I am puzzled and frustrated and starting to really get depressed about this. I am not perfect with food and drink (need to drink less champagne and more water, mostly), but I am good and very consistent. I really cannot believe that I can't lose weight eating the way I am and working out. It's weird and very upsetting.

And I can't wear my smallest (and favorite) ski pants this weekend. I'll have to lose 10 pounds for that to happen. At least I have some others, but... :-(


Cindy...154 said...

You may be able to eat like you have been eating after you lose the pounds. For maintenance. You probably need some sort of kickstart for your loss. My body is not the same as it was. I am going to have to dramatically change my eating in order to lose the way I used to lose. I have never been able to lose with just exercise I have always had to lower and/or change the food intake. This past gain must be all body fat. Also - I think I have a fuzzy memory of hearing that when we first start working out we might experience a gain but not sure where that is coming from. Anyway, enjoy your trip. I remember how ski crazed you were last year so maybe it will get you out of your blues. try and forget about that one pair of pants and just have a great time! I am not a trainer person either. I like to go do my thing and leave. Perhaps I should be more social..

Vickie said...

I totally identify with Personal Trainer being clueless. Many of them are. It particularly amazes me when it is a clueless yoga person - because that is such an oxymoron.

So if I am hearing what you are saying - even if the yoga classes and using the basic gym equipment is ALL you are able to use - it is worth it? If that is not correct and you are counting on other classes - you had best try all of them before committing. Because it might be they are all clueless or geared toward people who just throw themselves and do not understand protecting knees and lower back. Do they have a punch card or some type of short term pass available for you to try all the classes you are considering?

Vickie said...

when was the last time you did Physical therapy for the knee? Is that where you need to start?

and are you planning your food in advance or logging it as you go or some method of SEEING? What, when, how much, what combination? Because no matter how much experience we have, it is super easy to slip into willy nilly. and could salt be part of the problem?

What was your 3x hard workout - cardio? weights? combination? were you sore? because that can be an indication your body is 'holding' as it is healing.

Helen said...

Thanks, ladies, for your input!

Here is the thing: I am literally eating the SAME stuff I ate when losing/maintaining last/this year. I always think ahead and plan what I'm going to eat during the day...I even read menus before going to restaurants so I know ahead of time what I am going to order so I don't get pulled in by bad stuff when I'm hungry.

Since the holidays (yes, I was overeating then, but not severely) my body seems to have just parked itself at this new 15-pound higher weight.

The ONLY difference is no regular strenuous exercise for the past 6 months or so. This is why I am so perplexed and irritated.

My three workouts were a long 1 1/2 hour yoga (EVERYTHING was sore for two days), 45 mins. of Zumba (OUCH), and an hour of weights with the trainer (still sore today). I think I'm going to tell myself that I am healing this past week because, yes, I have been sore from my workouts. I'm still sore. And sore in a good way, not in the Zumba ouch way (my knee, by the way, is getting better with little use, ice and ibuprophen).

As to the gym...I'm going to decide when we're back from skiing. I think I will join...I don't think I have to commit for more than a month at a time. Right now, as I get back to a more fit body, I think it will be good for me to do cardio/weights a few days a week and yoga once or twice a week. However, I am torn...the only exercise I really LIKE is yoga. I'm thinking about committing to another yoga studio as an option...but the difference in cost per month is about $100 and that's A LOT. :-(

Anyway...still working...still determined...

Vickie said...
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Vickie said...
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Vickie said...

deletes were me

trying again

I agree - cardio and strength training are going to be vital combination. And totally agree that yoga a couple times a week is really important.

So, I realize you tried zumba as a means to cardio. and it didn't work.

With your knees, that probably means pool, bike, very fast paced walking for cardio?

One advantage to bikes at gym is you can switch between upright and recum (if your back will tolerate both). And you can control resistance level. I can't do spin classes (lower back). I assume you can't either - ?