Wednesday, January 5, 2011


(Copied from comment to Laura:) Like I've said before, I really really think that, for me, it's lack of exercise that starts the spiral into food. So today I went on-line and found a gym that offers yoga and Zumba (yay!) that is close to me. I am going over there tomorrow night to check it out, then am doing the 7-day free trial they have. Assuming I like it, I'm getting back on that exercise horse. I miss it. But somehow it's so hard to make myself take the time to DO IT. Grrrrr.


Vickie said...

amrn to all of that
very hard to get back in the groove
so easy to fall out of the groove

Cindy...154 said...

Let's get back in the groove, the drastic and whatever it takes! Thanks and Happy New Year!!

Vickie said...

that was actually supposed to be AMEN - didn't see the typo until now - did you get over to check out gym?