Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When the weight creeps on...'s easy not to notice 5, 10 or even 15 pounds just from how your body feels. But last weekend I had an experience that reminded me how much pounds really WEIGH:

We went with PD2 and her two daughters to a great place that rescues abused farm animals. The kids loved it and so did I. To get from one of the areas to another there was a long series of very shallow steps. The first time I went up, no problem. Not out of breath, no knee pain, etc. Later, I was carrying Bon Bon (now 3) and she probably weighs around 25 pounds or so. Holy cow, how that made a difference climbing those very same steps. She feels light to me when I pick her up (for a while), but that extra poundage really made me have to work a LOT harder.

This experience made me think how much harder my body is working carrying 10-15 extra pounds on it...a very good thing for me to be confronted with.

I have lost a few pounds, but it's not falling off me this time. I am doing well at the gym and am really liking my trainer...even though she makes me sore! ;-) My body is already feeling much more toned and strong and I like that.

Tomorrow night we are having a big party for DB's birthday (and mine too 'cause we will be out of town on my actual b-day next week). DB has taken over a local bar/performance place for the night and all his friends are playing gigs (including two bands he is playing in). I baked two carrot cakes last night. It should be fun -- DB is SO looking forward to it!

Work is still super-stressful and my life seems to be scheduled down to the nanosecond...I'm glad that one of those scheduled things is gym/yoga. And I really REALLY need our ski vacation next week... :-)


Vickie said...

this made me think of the episode they have every biggest loser season where they strap on poundage to equal what they lost and then have some type of race. it also means on some level, with all our pounds still on, we were strong. weight loss people, starting exercise right from the start are often amazingly strong in what they can do in certain positions. My arm strength over my head was -0-, but the positions which were like carrying a child - I was very strong. And my legs were very strong from holding myself UP.

Vickie said...

please stop by my sunday post - lots of yoga talk

sharla said...

Have a Happy Day!

Vickie said...

I left you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY note on my blog, but didn't know if you saw it as I think you are still out of town - ? Back today?