Friday, January 14, 2011

More on exercise importance

First of all, I think Vickie's comment was right -- somehow my body was "holding" while it healed from hard work-outs/ouchy knee. Today I am not sore, knee is much better and the scale finally moved down! Whew.

From my workouts, I feel my core strength coming back. When that happens, I feel so much better in every way...something about feeling my muscles (and seeing them -- my arms look great today) makes me feel strong and not just physically. I noticed that feeling this morning as I drove to work, working my abs...

I have decided to join the gym. It doesn't require a long-term commitment -- I can terminate at any time. I have two options:

- pay $29.99 every two weeks; or
- pay $195 for 4 hour-long trainer sessions, then $19.99 every two weeks.

I have decided that the second option is best so am going to sign up next Tuesday when I'm back from skiing. Even though the trainer session the other night was not spectacular, I did learn things, I do like the trainer, and I've already started teaching her what works for me and what doesn't. ;-) I think I'll do one training session a week for four weeks, do at least one yoga a week and do one other day (at least) at the gym.

For cardio (other than cardio from weights, floor work with trainer, yoga), I will probably do elliptical. That is my it a lot more than a bike or treadmill. (In SoCal, I have found almost no gyms have pools, go figure! When I used to do aquaerobics, I went to the Y and they are almost the only "gyms" that have pools.) I might try spinning...trainer is also spinning teacher...she says you don't have to stand up and I can cycle sitting down because that doesn't put too much pressure on my knees.

This gym has EVERY machine you could ever want. It is THE bodybuilder gym of the world...I have never seen so many ENORMOUS muscles in one wouldn't believe some of the women!!

We're off for first ski weekend of the year tonight...I can't wait!


Vickie said...

glad things are better
have fun

Vickie said...

Helen said...

Vickie, thanks for that awesome link...SO MUCH FOOD FOR THOUGHT!! :-)