Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fun, tiring WONDERFUL Christmas!

The past several days have been a whirlwind of fun and family and (unfortunately) food. I'm pooped!!

After the potluck last week, I tossed the diet to the wind a bit...I still tried to not overeat too much, but it has been hard with all the treats (salty and sweet) and egg nog that have wandered into my range of vision...and my mouth! Truthfully, I'm trying not to feel TOO bad. I am not a one who thinks that eating a piece of broccoli and grilled chicken on Christmas is EVER going to work for me...I'll never want to be thin enough where giving up ALL pleasureful food on special occasions will happen. There is nothing like sharing treats with my family and friends...we all know we're being "bad", but it tastes so good!!

I will try to get back on the wagon gradually this week, although we are off to NYC this Saturday and I will have less control over what is available to eat (even though my sister who we are visiting has been watching her weight too). Hopefully all the walking will help. I think I'll skip weighing this week and jump back on the wagon next week.

On non-food notes: I had sooo much fun over the past days! We had a wonderful Christmas celebration with DB's daughters and their families (including the darling and beloved 3 1/2 grandchildren) on Saturday. Everyone loved their gifts and the best one I got was the continued acceptance of my into DB's family by his girls and grandgirls, etc. I am overwhelmed sometimes with how lucky I am to not only have found DB, but also to have been so blessed with these girls (and soon grandboy) to love too.

Christmas Eve was a bit quieter. My mom came up in the afternoon and a friend from SF also arrived. We all went to (our traditional) Indian dinner, then drove around looking at lights (the past couple of years, we have walked the canals to look at lights after dinner, but this year, Mommy's feet were hurting and I'm still not totally up to lots of walking with the knee). Then home to play games (90s Trivial Pursuit and Scene It) before bed.

As always, Santa was very very good to me. In addition to just being so grateful to be with my mom and DB, the gifts were pretty great this year. My most special is the diamond heart necklace from DB...I have never received such a beautiful piece of jewelry from a man and it surprised me a little at how emotional I was (even though I really really really wanted some romantic heart jewelry...I wasn't sure DB really meant A LOT to me that he did).

After the gifts on Christmas Day, DB and I headed up to his parents' house (about an hour and a half away) to visit with another part of his (big Irish Catholic) family! Fun!! A sister of DB who I had never met was visiting from Texas) and his brother (who also lives in TX and who is just fantastic) were both visiting along with assorted grandkids. It was a great time with lots of relatives (not something I ever had experience with being one of two kids and not ever having been close with extended family). We had a campfire in the bbq out overlooking the mountains and ocean...and all 5 bedrooms in the house were full on Christmas night! :-)

Tonight I've gotta take down the Xmas tree, then tomorrow more Xmas with friends then Saturday off to NYC!

Wishing a very happy healthy New Year to all!!

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