Tuesday, December 5, 2006

In Search of...Motivation

Tis the season to...be unmotivated! Things are stressful lately -- work, selling house, buying house, moving in with DB -- lots of things which are happy, but stressful. If anyone is out there and happened to read the now-deleted rant from very late on Sunday night you know that DB and I had a big fight...probably not unrelated to all this stress to be honest. The happy part about that was the post-fight talk...such a relief to be able to talk with someone and feel pretty darn sure that they are on the same wavelength as you even though sometimes you feel a million miles away. I think we really are ready to make the big living together step and I couldn't be happier!! :-)

But...in the past weekend of parties every night (yes, EVERY NIGHT) and then the blow-up, I have been careless with the eating (and drinking). I am still feeling thinner and MORE in control, but not IN CONTROL. I need motivation. I know the only place to find it is inside. I'm having a hard time with all of that with no ability to go to yoga (my refuge) until my knee is at least a little better (and I'm sure I have had a setback on that too after dancing non-stop for about 3 hours, ok, maybe 2, at my office party last Friday!).

Discombobulated. That's how I'm feeling. And it's hard to have discipline when that's in effect.

Going out (on-line) now to look for inspiration...

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