Thursday, November 30, 2006

As I feared

As I feared, the weigh-in this morning was disappointing. Up 1.4 pounds from last Thursday. That makes my net loss since October 17 only about 7-8 pounds. I'm disappointed because I really felt very slim yesterday...and today too, actually. How can the scale not agree with how I feel? :-(

I guess it's back to being more severe on the diet: need to cut back more wine, eat less at night (I am GREAT during the day...never eat more than 500 calories until evening and usually eat more like 400 or less...but evenings I want my "treats"). At least I can exercise a little now since my knee is getting better. But I'm afraid that might actually make my weight go UP as I gain muscle.

Feeling kind of stressed with potential house-buying and -selling on the horizon and my mom going in for a thyroid aspiration tomorrow to check on a growth that they found. All this makes for me feeling like I "need" my treats/comfort more, I guess.

In addition to all this, I've got my firm's holiday party tomorrow night...I know that I won't be perfect, but I will try to be "better". :-)

On to next week and a LOSS!

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