Thursday, November 23, 2006


May you all have a wonderful day full of all good things. Or, at the very least, a moment of extreme thankfulness for at least one thing in your life...I believe we all have at least ONE. Today I am thankful for:

-My sweetheart, DB: To find the true love of my life, to have him be such a good person, such a loving man, such a brilliant mind, such a fun, not too many people are that lucky. Thank you, Universe!

-My mom: So happy to have her living close by these past years so she can join my traditional feast! She's remarkable and I love her. :-)

-Family: A surprise of 4 more people to eat the too much food I always cook -- one of DB's daughters and her family!! I love it and my WHOLE extended family and...

-Friends: So many to lucky so many love me back!

-Beautiful day: Here in Venice, it's a nice 70 degrees...all the windows and doors are open to the sunshiney day. :-)

-Everything else: My list of things that I am thankful for is very very long...and I've got to get back to cooking!!

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