Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Scary Weigh-In Tomorrow

While I've still been reading everyone's blogs, I notice that I haven't written one myself since Thanksgiving. It's probably for the same reason that I tend not to write down foods in my on-line calorie journal in the evenings -- I'm afraid to admit what I ate!! But, to be honest, I don't think I did that badly on Thanksgiving -- I had one and a half plates of food and only one piece of my famous sweet potato pie. Despite this relative low intake, I was incredibly, uncomfortably full the whole rest of the day (we eat at about 3:30) so I didn't eat another thing until the next day. We had a couple of DB's grandkids over the weekend so there was a lot of eating out and snacking and I wasn't perfect although I think I did well at being aware while ordering. I guess the proof will be on the scale tomorrow...unlike past weeks, I haven't been tempted to "cheat" and get on between weigh-ins this week. :-)

I did really get back with the program on Monday and have been doing well since. I actually FEEL pretty good -- have on some pants today that are actually loser than I remember them being for a long time. I hope that is a good sign.

DB and I are thinking of buying a house together and I need to sell mine in order to do this...all this real estate action can be stressful so maybe that (along with some more exercising than I've been able to do since my surgery) is helping burn the calories. I hope so!!

Wish me luck...I'll be back tomorrow with the news whether good or bad.

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