Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weekend Treats

I seem to fall down a bit on the weekends. I drink too much and that leads to eating too much. :-( But the weekend rolls around and I want a treat (or treats!). I want something to celebrate another week of work is done, another weekend is to be enjoyed. The concept of treats is a big one for me...when I quit smoking, I had to come up with something else as a "treat" (that's in quotes because how could I ever think smoking a stinky cigarette was a treat?!) for those moments when I needed one...

So I drank a little bit more. I indulged eating a little bit more. So many ways to get that oral "treat". But allowing myself those treats has gradually let to my gaining this weight. Now I'm struggling to figure out what treats can replace food and drink. Like cigarettes, they are easily available, don't take much time, and give a quick rush of pleasure. What else is there that is like that?

Here's where I confess that I do have a real need to indulge in pleasure. And I know that there are so many things that give pleasure to fact, I think there are maybe too many things...maybe I just grab onto food, drink (or smokes) because they are the EASY pleasures. And I get actually distressed if I think I have to curtail my pleasures. Maybe this blog should be called Hedonistic Helly's Belly? ;-)

I need to remember that there is pleasure in abstinence sometimes too...but that is more challenging. Oh yeah, a lot more.

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