Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Abundance and Scarcity

On this day before the day of ultimate abundance, I'm realizing I will be scarce around here for the long weekend...and I hope that I make it through without putting (back) on too much weight.

Since I am the chef tomorrow, I have a lot of control over what goes into the food. This allows me to use reduced/low fat and calorie ingredients a lot. But the stuffing will have loads of butter, the pies will have butter and sugar and, well, let's just say that moderation is not my strongest virtue!! Add this to the fact that my weigh-in day is tomorrow...not sure what that will mean.

I've been trying not to get on the scale more than once a week, but some days I can't resist. Like this morning...I was feeling oh-so-thin so I thought I'd give myself a boost and see what old Miss Scale had to say. BIG MISTAKE! I was up a pound and a half from last week! YIKES. I don't think I've been THAT bad so I figure its (a) pre-menstrual, or (b) I'm getting muscles back since I've been able to exercise a bit this week. The truth is that I still FEEL a lot thinner than I did a month ago...even if Miss Scale was right and I've only now lost 7 pounds since mid-October. :-(

After tomorrow, we've got a busy weekend -- off to get two of DB's granddaughters for a couple of days -- they are 6 and 2 and we have SO much fun with them!! (Yes, he started young and so did his kids...I consider myself lucky to get the benefits of grandparenthood without ever having to actually have children myself!!). I hope I can be "good" with any food temptations that come my way...

Another cute thing -- I had a guy try to pick me up in the grocery store yesterday! I was feeling cute so that really made my day. I'm glad to know that I've still got least a little! ;-)

Abundance...there is so much of that in my life. Scarcity...not much. :-)


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