Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oh Happy Day!

Today I went to see my old orthopedic doctor (who hadn't done my surgery since I absolutely hate with a pink and purple passion how his office is run though I LOVE him) because I am hating the doctor who actually did the surgery (not only did he give me horrible/no post-op instructions and completely wrong post-op expectations, he's one of those guys who says "hi sweetie" very insincerely...I hate that in any guy, but in a doctor, it's actually WORSE!). Anyway, my old-now-new doc is just great...agreed that his office sucks and gave me a real course for post-op treatment to get the swelling down (it's been 6 weeks and no real improvement in swelling) and get healed. :-) He confirmed that I should have had the surgery (I was afraid maybe not since I'm not trusting the doc who did it)...saying I had the knee of an 85-year-old woman pre-surgery!! Wow. The BEST part of the whole appointment? He's given me a new physical therapy prescription that will really pump up the jam on my exercise -- which will help with the weight loss!! I am THRILLED.

On top of this, I heard from a long-lost friend today that I had been worried about. He's OK...whew!

Feeling kind of poochy today but not sure why since I've been ultra "good" since starting the diet. OK, well, I did have a party a week ago and drank a wee bit too much which leads to eating a wee bit too much too -- I think I went over 1000 calories over my limit that day -- eek! And did something similar although less bad last Saturday...but I've still been losing so I haven't beat myself up too much. But if when I weigh in on Thursday I'm up as I fear, I'm going to have to buckle down more.

Sigh...I do wish this was easier and faster, but I know better. Most days. ;-)

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Grumpy Chair said...

Good luck tomorrow on your weigh-in.