Friday, November 17, 2006


After that last post, I just HAVE to add that I have been incredibly happy this week. It has been to the extent that I have looked at an astrology site to see if there is some kind of weird happy alignment of the planets (didn't see anything). There's been no huge reason for this wonderful feeling of contentment/joy, but here are some things that probably added to my glow:

- DB came back from a week out of town. :-) I just love this man so much. Words truly cannot express. We have so much fun together. It's AWESOME.

- Got a lot of work done despite a terrible computer meltdown at my office yesterday. Satisfying.

- Looking forward to Bill Maher taping tonight. Fun!

- Looking forward to babysitting some friends' 5-month-old tomorrow night.

- Looking forward to more house-shopping this weekend. I love this so much that I often wonder if I should be a real estate agent. But I'm not really a salesperson and I have a feeling that it wouldn't be quite as much fun if I wasn't shopping for myself! ;-)

- Probably MOST OF ALL I'm looking forward to my favorite holiday next week!! Thanksgiving is so terrific because there is no gift pressure, no family pressure, just eating, drinking and being merry with friends and family and being GRATEFUL for all I have. AND 4 days off work. I do the cooking (which I love) so I try to make things as healthy as possible (it's good to have control of this on a Big Eating Day). I'm even going to try a crustless pumpkin pie this year.

OK, that's it, I must be looking forward to next Thursday...when I can wallow in my thankfulness for how lucky I am. :-)

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