Thursday, November 16, 2006

Somehow the loss continues!

Today is weigh-in day and I am very happy to say that I've lost 3 pounds since last Thursday!! This means I have DEFINITELY lost 9 pounds since October 17 (now that I have a good scale, I can be SURE of what I'm losing).

I have been really good, but I have also gone a little over my calorie total a couple of days. The difference between now and the last couple of years when I've been half-heartedly trying to lose weight is that I get back on the wagon IMMEDIATELY when I go over rather than saying "oh well, I blew it, might as well have some chips!" ;-) This is a LOT like when I quit smoking -- I lost a lot of quits by just going back to full-on smoking after one slip. BUT it's not like quitting smoking in that I can't have one single cigarette EVER whereas I have to eat! Sooo...harder? Maybe a bit.

Tomorrow night, I am going to see the Bill Maher show taping so I have to plan ahead with food -- rather than buying some fast food on the way over to the studio, I'll bring an extra Healthy Choice meal to my office and eat it before I leave. :-)

So...I've got 20 pounds to go until my goal weight (at least I think I'll be happy at that weight). And I'm off... :-))

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