Saturday, November 11, 2006


Last night I went out to dinner with a friend to a pretty "dangerous" restaurant -- Italian, full of huge pasta dishes and salads with fatty dressings. I steeled myself for some plain chicken and steamed veggies to go with my (splurge) wine. But, lo and behold, a miracle: they have a "low carb" option with their pastas -- you can get the delish pasta sause on mixed seasonal veggies!! Oh joy!! I got a low-fat spicy seafood sauce on the veggies and it felt like a huge treat. YUMMY. :-) I am lucky living in California, I guess, where restaurants to cater more to people trying to eat healthy.

In addition, my friend who I hadn't seen in a few weeks told me she really thought I looked great, i.e., had lost weight. This along with my new ACCURATE scale is great encouragement to me. It's fun to try to eat yummily and WELL...I haven't really done that in a few years and it feels great.

Finally, my physical therapist told me that I could take my doglet for a walk if I wear my (ankle to thigh) brace. I am so excited about this...real exercise!

Tonight I'm having some friends over for dinner so am off to the Farmer's Market very soon to get supplies...all in all, am looking forward to a fun and healthy day!

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