Friday, December 8, 2006

I'm not sure how much I weigh but it's not GOOD :-(

Yesterday (my weigh-in day) I got on the scale and it showed that I was up FIVE POUNDS in the past two weeks since Thanksgiving. I took a good long look at that scale, then I took a good long look at the way I've been festivitizing the past couple of weeks. For me, it's not the cookies or cakes or candy that is really the problem. For me, it's volume. And it's also (to be totally honest) drinking. I have a few glasses of wine and my willpower goes out the window so I have:

- just one more glass of wine (or 3)
- just one more salmon hors d'oeuvre (or 5)
- just FIVE MORE POUNDS on my butt!!

Sooooo...I've decided that I must only drink at parties/special occasions (i.e., no, having dinner at friends' house while watching tv is NOT a party!). And I've GOT to get a grip.

Did very well yesterday. And today the scale is down 2 pounds.

I don't believe that darn scale! Last week it said I was up and I felt skinny, this week it says I'm up and I feel FAT. But I am hanging on to the fact that it is still DOWN from when I started.

But I will not be in denial about what it says. It's not good. I hope it's better next week...but this is a darn hard time of year to do this...

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