Thursday, December 21, 2006


The slippery slope continued today with my firm's staff potluck lunch. I took a "red and green tossed salad) -- very yummy and very healthy. Unfortunately, at the end of the potluck, it was apparent that no one wants to eat salad at Christmas! :-) This means that I have a heckuva lot of salad left to eat over the coming days. This is not a bad thing -- I am one who also doesn't want to eat salad at Christmas so having it here tonight after indulging (pumpkin date bread, how do I love thee?) a bit too much today was a very good thing. Tonight dinner is SALAD. (And probably tomorrow and...)

I did my weigh in this morning and was THRILLED to see that I had gained a wee 1.5 pounds since last week. (I admit it's a good thing that this was BEFORE the potluck...I feel like I can barely breathe this evening!) If I can keep this up until next week, I'll have made it through the worst and can buckle down again (not to mention that I will be in NYC over New Years and will get a lot of inadvertent exercise with all the walking).

Had Christmas with my best friend last night and our dinner was: SALAD. It was a yummy treat salad that I don't get much anymore because the dressing is BAD, but it was still a SALAD of all the things we could have chosen. I felt good about that.

Now I'm just all hyped up about much stuff happening over the next few days -- Christmas with DB's kids' families, then with my mom and DB on Xmas Eve, then up to DB's parents to see some of his sibs on Christmas night into Boxing Day. It doesn't sound too relaxing, but I am so looking forward to all of it because it means no more shopping! I absolutely LOVE to shop, but this Christmas I think I am shopped out for the first time in my life. ;-) Probably because we're extreme shopping with looking for houses and finances are scary when that is in the mix...

On the very good chance that I won't be here again until after Christmas and on the off chance that ANYONE even reads this (!), I wish you all the happiest of holidays and love and laughter in the coming year.

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