Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Getting real

OK, I give up...there is no realistic way that I am going to lose weight over the holidays. There is just TOO much partying and it's just too depressing to COMPLETELY say "no". ;-)

SO, my new goal: MAINTAIN over the next couple of weeks then hit the diet again HARD in January. By the way, this is not my license to myself to eat anything and everything that comes into my house, office or line of sight (LOL)...I still will eat low-fat, low-cal most of the time, but I will not hate myself if I have ONE cracker from the gift basket I just received (for example) or if I don't lose anything the next couple of weeks. Of course, I hope that by some miracle I will still's happened for me before at Christmastime, but with my inability to really exercise (darn slow recovery from knee surgery), it's unlikely this year.I'll still weigh-in each Thursday (or more often) to make sure I don't lose control.

I sure wish I could exercise... :-(

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