Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm still a beginner!

In SO many ways, but in this case, I'm talking about this blog. Vickie let me know that for some reason I had my comments set so no one could make a comment unless they were a "team member". Well, since I'm the whole "team" here, that's pretty restrictive, eh? ;-) Not sure how that happened, but I've fixed it (at least I hope I have...).

Feeling very very poochy today -- I've been eating WAY too much meat the past few days and it does not digest through my system. Oh, and the superexcellent toffee bucket I receive from a client late last week probably doesn't help much either! ;-) At least it's not all gone -- I've hidden it in my fridge and have actually managed to forget it -- most of the time! ;-)

All this overdoing has really made me ready to get back to it seriously next week. I'm already pulling way back...and feeling much better for it. The real splurges have only happened over the past week (since the slippery potluck), so hopefully the damage isn't TOO bad.

I'm looking forward to NYC, but have SO much to do before then (again, good to be busy, hard to stuff face while running around packing, taking down tree, shopping for trip, etc.). I wish I didn't have to be at the office this week, but silly law firms really feel like they have to be open (even though I have gotten a total of ONE phone call and maybe 5 e-mails all week). Of course, there is plenty of catching up I could be doing, but somehow I'd rather not... ;-)


Vickie said...

This is my test comment to see if it goes through okay.

Vickie said...

YEA!!! It must be fixed - were you feeling VERY lonely with all those 0's - I hate them - even if someone just wishes you a good day - at least you know someone is OUT there.

Have a great time in NY if I don't talk to you before.

Helen said...

Thanks, Vickie! It's definitely fun to get comments. :-) Someone gave me a great New Year's wish today and I'll pass it along to you (and anyone else reading): Wishing you a New Year full of just enough adventure to remind you how great it is to be alive! :-)