Friday, December 29, 2006

Sugar is not a term of endearment to me

Today's topic: SUGAR.

I am not a sugar person. I will ALWAYS take a chip or something salty (including salad or a vegetable) over something sugary. It's not that I don't LIKE sugar, it's just that it's not the treat I would ever choose given a choice. (I think this is because my mom is a sugaraholic and we always had sugary treats as children, but never chips.) Unfortunately, at Christmastime, the choices are usually sugar and more sugar. And, being a human being, I do partake.

But I have noticed over the past week of food debauchery that it's really REALLY yucky to my system:

1. The aftertaste is truly horrible -- some kind of combination of yuck and more yuck.
2. My body feels almost instantly bloated. I haven't been on a scale this week (scared), but all my muscle tone seems to be jiggling around as flab...after less than a week of eating some sugar every day! :-(
3. Even though the aftertaste is horrible and it makes me feel cranky, lethargic and generally YUCK, my body craves MORE. I can eat jillions of calories of donut (for example) for breakfast and I am WAY hungrier for lunch...or whatever SUGAR I can find lurking in the office, pantry or drawer.

Noticing all this is new. My body is reacting like a true addict (something with which I am unfortunately familiar due to years of battling an addiction to smoking) -- my body/mind (I think addiction involves both) craves the thing that is bad for it (in this case, sugar) and nags at me until its irrational hunger is fed.

Sooo...I can't wait for the holiday sugar orgy to be over and to get back to really "clean" eating. But there is still that vat of toffee in my fridge that I just can't seem to let go... ;-)

We'll hopefully be watching the ball drop in NYC from a playground in Central Park (no Times Square for me, NO THANKS!)...wishing everyone a wonderful, healthy New Year!


Vickie said...

I just gave your name to Jodi who is thinking about quitting smoking - don't be surprised if you hear from her (here).

Have a great weekend.

Helen said...

Thanks,Vickie!! Jodi...if you,by chance, happen to drop by, I'd love to chat. Please leave your link and I'll get in touch. Happy New Year!! :-)