Thursday, January 4, 2007

Back to Square One (plus two)...

Despite wanting to hide from the scale for another week (or FOREVER), I sucked it up and got on this morning. Not pretty. Not unexpected, but not pretty. After the complete falling-off-of-the-wagon over the past two weeks, I have managed to now be back to where I started in October (see post re: The Horrible Number...wish I knew how to link!) two pounds. :-( I am trying to look at the bright side of this: it means I will have a tremendous loss in the coming week since I'm back on the wagon today with a vengeance.

I hate New Year's resolutions...I don't think I have ever managed to maintain one for more than a month and I don't know anyone who has done any better. I work better with (in Vickie's terms) "baby steps". One day at a time. No big "I've gotta cut out all of X" or "I'm going to exercise 6 days a week" pronouncements. I find when I do say things like that I get so discouraged when I FAIL (which is inevitable) that I just stop trying. So, what I will say is that I will go back to eating well. I will exercise as much as I can with the restrictions of my knee (the subway stairs in NYC were not its friend). I will (someday...hopefully soon, but SOMEDAY) get back to a weight where I feel more comfortable.

I was inspired this long weekend by (FINALLY) reading Frances Kuffel's book, Passing For Thin (which I asked for and got for Xmas). Wow. It was such a great read -- so many things I related to VERY deeply, so much great humor (DB kept asking me what I was laughing out loud about) and insight (not to mention some truly evocative prose) shining through. I loved it. Of course, it was particularly fun to read since I "know" Frances a little. I wanted more when it was over...can't wait for her next volume! It really helps to know that I'm not alone...I'm sure a lot of us who have read the book feel the same.

Square One Plus Two. I'm looking forward to this coming Square One Minus 30! :-)


Vickie said...


When you are in the CREATE page - typing away - there is something that looks like a little green monster near the spell check and font pictures. When you want to link - you OPEN a new window - so you don't loose what you have - you open to the page that you want and then highlight what is in the address bar at the top and right click to copy that line. If you are in your own blog - and click on the title of your old entry - it will add the particulars to the address line for THAT entry - then after you have copied - you go back to your create window and click/highlight the WORD in your typing that you want to BE the link. then you click on the little green monster and a box will open - you use paste to add your link and then click OK. Your word (in your text) should then be underlined and turn a different color.

On this same CREATE screen - on the upper right corner of the box itself - there are two tabs - edit html and compose - you have different options in those two systems. For example - I spell check in edit html - because it puts the misspelled words in red and opens a box for each one to show options - but if you do this - YOU MUST click on resumer editing (I think in green print) in the middle of the tool bar in order to save your changes.

I AM REALLY BAD AT ALL THIS - Lori is much better.

Glad you had a great time - when are you coming to visit me???????

Helen said...

Thanks, Vickie! I'll go try and fix (and then can also link to you). I would really love to get out to Indiana sometime this year so my sweetie can see where I grew up, meet my uncle and aunt (in Northern IN), see YOU, etc. But this was also one of my goals for this year and we didn't make it. Cross your fingers! :-)