Saturday, January 6, 2007

Scale moving dowwwwn :-)

After the horrible THN Plus Two weigh-in on Thursday, I see the scale going down again. Yay! Yesterday, I was already at THN Minus One and today another pound or so down. I guess I had been overeating SO much that the mere fact of going back to normal eating has made some of those horrible lbs. go away...I hope for GOOD. :-) This all emphasizes that the "I've already fallen off the wagon, I might as well just roll along here beside it rather than getting back on" philosophy can really get me into trouble. And that throwing that phrase out the window can quickly get me back on track.

I think if I had been able to do a "normal" exercise routine during the holidays that the horrible gain would have been less.

On that tip, I am excited to go and rejoin the gym today. My physical therapist told me yesterday that I can go do some very specific things that will both help my recovery and be good exercise (losing lbs. will also help my recovery of course!). While I'd prefer to be able to go back to my beloved yoga, I am very excited to get moving again and I know yoga will come when I'm able. :-)

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Vickie said...

I went to a yoga workshop this year - at the dance studio where I take Yoga Lisa classes. They hold this workshop every year - but I started after this last year - so I had missed it. It was a great morning - will post on it tomorrow. Glad the scale is cooperating - in general what KNEE exercises are they have you do? I have never had knee physical therapy but the middle child did when she was in 2nd grade and MANY of the leg resistance machines remind me of her therapy. I use the lowest weights possible (if it is knees) and move very slowly - pausing at the top and bottom of the move so that I don't "swing it." - I do a lot of floor work too (besides yoga). Yoga has never bothered my knees - and has greatly improved my back - but I am very careful about what kind I do.