Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dr. Jekyll and Ms. PMS

Grrrr...sob! That's been my day today. And it sucks. I think it's PMS and I never had it like this before I was taking hormones. Grrrrr.

Everything, and I mean everything, today either made me sad, depressed, weepy or mad. Food was only so-so -- I had a salad at lunch that had "bad" dressing on it, TCBY fat-free frozen yogurt after dinner and also some more nori maki when I got home. The only really good thing I can say is that I managed somehow to stick to my no drinking rule.

Took my kitty in for a shave and bath and ended up having lots of test to check up on him. He's old, diabetic, sometimes incontinent, but he still likes to eat (definitely MY cat!) and lounge. He doesn't clean himself anymore (and he's white) so that's why the shave and bath. He looks ultra-cute when he's shaved so that's ok. But it was very expensive. And this after the vet visits for Doglet this week have really put a huge hole in my checking account. I'll have to dig into my (kind of meager) savings for vacation expenses at the end of the month. This is very depressing. But I have to take care of my pets -- I committed to them a long time ago and it's not fair to let them suffer just because they are older.

I also was hating my job today -- this hardly ever happens. I'm serious -- everything today just looks dark. This is so not like me that I know it's gotta be the hormones. BUT, I'm not getting hot flashes like I was and am getting my period as I should be. It's complicated.

And DB and I are both dealing with older parents and that is, well, not terribly fun.

So I was either growling or crying today. At least I wasn't soooo hungry like yesterday. Looking for happy things...and looking forward to happier day tomorrow.

Oh yeah, weighed in this morning and I was up 1/2 pound. It's gotta be PMS because I have been pretty darn good with food and going to the gym, etc. I think I'll weigh tomorrow too and hope to have at least a little off...

Discombobulated...that's what this post is...and that's how I feel today. Hopefully tomorrow will be less blue.


Vickie said...

Do you have all this PRE or During? All of my emotional stuff is now PRE. And none during. But I am now on either my 10th or 12th day . . .

Vickie said...

I was at the gym for a long time this morning - saw part of Regis and Kelly - only Regis was off and it was the BAMMM Chef (have no idea of his name) - he and Kelly were talking about their gym workouts - and he said - he has to do 10 minutes of major cardio for every one glass of wine. Thought you might be interested.