Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Good grief -- two posts in one day!

And all I really need to say is:


There. I feel better.

P.S. Not sure what this is all about. I've eaten exactly what I normally eat during the week today. I think/hope it's because my period is due this weekend. Oy, but it's hard to resist snacking when I feel so empty!!


Lori said...

I was like that a couple of days ago and I have no answer for you. Are you eating something that's at least satisfying?

Helen said...

I usually feel satisfied with what I'm eating (see comments on "Yes!" post below for a summary of a typical weekday), but last night and today I've been a bottomless pit! I had an extra snack (low-cal, fat-free applesauce) this afternoon and some fat free turkey and some nori maki (fat free rice crackers) when I got home. This is just to tide me over until dinner! It's gotta be my pre-period...

Vickie said...

I have about two days like that each month - I think one is PRE and the other is actually ovulating. I drink lots of (herbal) hot tea with fresh lemon. I know there is no salt - and I know it doesn't crunch - but it is hot and filling. Can you stand air pop popcorn (plain)? salad made with lots of crunchy veggies?

Vickie said...

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