Friday, January 12, 2007


TGIF has a whole new meaning since I'm "dry" during the week!! I'm looking forward to some glasses of wine tonight even though I feel awesome about keeping off the sauce all week and will continue to do the same!!

I actually got on the scale this morning (non-official weigh-in day) and was down another 2 or so pounds. I will probably add some of this back with weekend drinking, but I'll also be exercising so should still show a net loss next least I hope so!

Very stressful time right now -- DB and I are trying to figure out finances for our future, work is kinda nuts in preparation for me going away skiing in two weeks, and my mom is having a recurring tongue/lip/now throat-swelling problem and no one seems to be able to tell her what's causing it. Her latest allergist told her to just call 911 EVERY time it happens because it could be dangerous. Problem is that she's getting it like once a week now. I talked to the allergist today and I think I understand the strategy better. It helps my mom to have someone else listen to what the doc says. I'll bet it helps EVERYONE to have that! :-)

All in all though, I've had a fantastic week. And a LOT of the credit for that goes to the people who give me on-line support -- both at my quit-smoking/weight loss board and those who read and comment here. I am amazed and humbled by the goodness of people -- some who I don't even really "know". Wow.

Now I'm going home for a martini, OK? ;-)


Lori said...

Yay for your continuing weight loss. You may do better than you anticipate. Who knows!

That's very scary about your mom; I'm glad she has you to help be her advocate and I hope she gets better soon.

I hope you have a great weekend and relax some. It's really great to have you here and your great comments. I look forward to hearing about your weekend.

Vickie said...

does your mom have an epi pen??? If she doesn't - she needs one -and someone needs to show her how to use it - you have to stab and then LEAVE it in - for the epi to have a chance to all get into her system.

Is she tracking ALL her food and other topicals on paper - so YOU can SEE?

It took me several trips to emergency room and really WATCHING to figure out oldest's reaction to tree nuts.

We still don't know which ones for sure - so he avoids ALL.

He is so allergic that he had a reaction this past thanksgiving - because I touched an almond and then made salad (that he ate) without washing my hands in between. So, it doesn't even have to be ingesting - it can just be touch.

Nut allergies can be the worst - we have a child at school that can't be in the building at fish fry time because of air born peanuts from oil. And another one that no laytex in building - gloves - balloons - nothing in building - not just touching her.

Oldest too has tongue, throat, lips swelling - drools (looses ability to swallow), vomits, can't think straight, hundreds of hives on torso - we have never gotten past there - but I understand it is throat swelling shut next. . .

Vickie said...

more on yesterday's topic in your comment section from yesterday - it seemed to make sense to leave it "all together"

Grumpy Chair said...

Congratulations on your weight loss. I know how you feel about being "dry" during the week!

I adore my glass of Merlot after kids have settled down, but when I lose weight, it is because I give up my daily glass (or two) and just limit myself to two glasses over the weekend (2 only).