Friday, January 19, 2007

New weigh-in day -- Down 1.4! :-)

In order to be consistent with a weight-watching board that I frequent (and also because I was up 1/2 pound from last Thursday yesterday), I am starting to weigh on Fridays. And today I'm DOWN 1.4 pounds from last Thursday. Emotionally I feel a lot better. Think that has anything to do with it?! ;-)

The WOW (wine on weekends) program (along with regular gym-going) seems to be working well -- even though it was a struggle last night, I hope that with a little work the habit will get easier and easier. I think Vickie's comment on my last post about working off the alcohol calories is interesting...

Wishing everyone a great healthy weekend!

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Lori said...

Yay!! Can I say that I hate PMS all it's little and big drawbacks (I haven't found any pluses really).

I like your acronym of WOW. It is a struggle to go to the gym some nights but that's okay but then you know by now, I'm not a carved in bone kind of person. (Of course, I'm trying to figure when would be an optimal time for me to go to the gym today.) I hope you have a fantastic weekend; I can't wait to hear about it.