Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Whew...what a jam-packed weekend and today I'm fighting a cold and wish I could have stayed in bed, but I guess there will be time for that when we are on vacation in a couple of weeks. ;-)

We had dinner on Friday night with a friend -- oh yes, I got to have some drinks along with the delicious low-fat Indian food -- overdid a little since I'd been "dry" all week -- no big surprise, but interesting how much less interested I am feeling in drinking.

Saturday I did some shopping and went to the gym, then we went to dinner before going to an art opening. Two glasses of wine with (steamed fish and bok choy) dinner and a few glasses of wine at the opening. No one was very friendly, but DB and I had fun. We left about 10. Went home and had some snacks -- 100 cal. popcorn bag for me, bowl of candy for him! Why don't men gain like we do? I would have gained 10 pounds from that little snack!

Sunday was very busy...I had to take my little doglet to the vet (he was obviously in pain/sick)...they found an abscess on a tooth that was infected/pussy. I was surprised and worried because he just had a dental within the past two months. They gave him an antibiotic shot and gave me pills for him to take for two weeks. I really don't like this particular vet, but had no choice since it was Sunday. He seems a little bit peppier today, but still isn't really eating much. They did blood and urine tests which were all fine according to the place I took him, but I need to take them to my vet and be sure because a couple of them look high to me.

After that, we went to look at townhouses. Found some very beautiful ones, but none that really would work for us (even if we made a grass patch on the balconies for my dog -- none of them had private yards with access from just one unit). Also, we'd need to find one where DB could really soundproof a room and only one of them had a room with no shared walls -- and the room was way too small for a studio. But the townhomes were just beautiful for the money and we'll keep looking.

Then we headed about 35 miles north (not far in L.A. terms!) for DB's daughter's baby shower. No men, no kids (including the new baby's sisters!) allowed and only "family" so no friends got to come and DB's daughter wasn't too happy with that (but her partner's mom and sister gave the shower so...). We couldn't wait to escape! We went and got the men afterwards and all went out to dinner at Chilis (I ate off the grilled menu -- did very well on calories and fat -- two glasses of wine).

Yesterday we got up early to head to San Diego to get some solar panels DB was buying from a guy there. We met a Burning Man friend (who had hooked DB up with the panels) and his wife for lunch (salad rolls, grilled chicken and salad) and had a ball. Then got the panels, headed home, then over to some more friends' to have dinner and watch the Golden Globes...I haven't seen almost any of the movies so it was just ok. But I LOVED Sascha Baron Cohen -- have you seen that movie yet? I actually HURT from laughing! ;-) We ate healthy vegan take-out dinner and I had no drinks while there (although had two martinis before we went -- no drinking before 5 pm ever or after 7 pm on "Sunday" nights -- this is my new rule until I get in a better habit with the alcohol).

Food bottom line for the weekend: did very very well considering I was "allowed" to drink. I weighed myself yesterday morning and had maintained. Hopefully will lose a little over the next couple of days until my weigh-in...no drinking allowed again starting tonight and I'm actually looking forward to that! :-)

Also looking forward to the beginning of American Idol tonight...I don't watch much tv, but am hooked on AI. I'll hit the gym first though... :-)

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Lori said...

Wow, I want to come and hang out with you. Your weekend sounds like fun for the most part (the vet part and the shower excluded).

You handled the food really well.

I hope your puppy gets well; that's very upsetting and I can imagine how upset you were.

I hoped you enjoyed AI tonight!