Thursday, January 11, 2007


Weighed in this morning to good (very good) news: I am down 8.5 pounds from last Thursday (THN plus two day) and 5.5 from last Friday (probably a better measure). My weight has been fluctuating wildly over the past few months since I started this loss journey so my actual weight today is only about 6.5 pounds net loss from mid-October. HOWEVER, I think it's onward and downward now because:

- Holidays are over. I really gained during the holidays since I couldn't do real exercise and I refuse to totally deprive myself of "goodies". An on-line fried of mine told me the other day that someone (Karl Lagerfeld maybe) had been asked after losing weight how he felt and he said "constantly hungry and constantly sober". NOT the way I want to live!!! So the ONLY way to maintain during holidays, in my opinion, is to be able to exercise. Next year will be better. :-)

- Also on the exercise tip, I think I've done great this week because I have been able to get at least a little exercise every day (gym two times, 2 PT "workouts" that were the equivalent of gym, some walking). Like I said the other day (and above!), I think this is KEY. I feel soooo much better than I have...even when I was at this weight in early Dec. The exercise thing is so interesting...check out the article Lori (see Readheaded Stranger link to the right) linked to yesterday(or maybe the day before): it talks about why we resist exercising when our bodies actually CRAVE it and feel sooo much better when we do it.

- Finally, abstaining from cocktails all this week has also obviously done it's thang. I'm thrilled with this. Truth is that I feel way better in so many ways. While I have been looking forward to my cocktails each evening, the price is just too high -- this week, my eyes are brighter in the mornings, my stomach instantly is less poochy, etc. It's all just about breaking that darn habit. I'm one week week to go before I hope my new non-drinking-during-the-week habit is ingrained (at least a little)!! Every day is easier.

I feel GOOOOOD!!! :-)


Lori said...

Oh! My! Goodness! That's wonderful! You deserve fireworks.

You know what's great? You had fun at the holidays and came back and hit the ground running. You didn't let it derail you and you worked hard.

And you got a fantastic reward out of it! (I love that quote from Karl L. and no, I don't want to live that way either.)

Anne M. said...

Wow! You are doing great! Isn't it satisfying to see the results when you've been working so steadily? But wow - that's an impressive loss! Time for happy dancing :)

Vickie said...

Glad you are back in your groove and feeling good. What are you eating now? Low fat I assume???

Helen said...

Yes, I am eating low fat. That is what worked for me when I lost the 120+ pounds back in '94-'95. Since then, I've played around with low/no-carb diets too, but they send my cholesterol through the roof. I do try to watch carbs and what time of day I eat them along with the low-fat eating too though. Here's a typical weekday for me:

oatmeal or egg substitue frittata with veggies
decaf coffee

Lean Cuisine (yes, I know the sodium is horrible, but I like them, they fill me up, low cal/fat and they work for me right now)

a fruit (usually apple)
sometimes a mini (17 calorie) Tootsie Pop

This really varies. Some nights it's a salad with low fat dressing and protein (fish), some night leftovers, some nights I cook from my favorite Moosewood Low-Fat Favorites cookbook, some nights we go out to Souplantation or for sushi or Chinese or Thai or some other healthy Asian-type meal. NO drinking during alcohol during the week.

100-cal. popcorn or a few fat free plain meringue cookies or a pre-cooked artichoke

Weekends are totally different. I usually only eat 2 meals: brunch and dinner. Brunch is similar although a little bigger (maybe toast and fruit too), dinner similar only I'll drink alcohol.

Vickie said...

My salt thing is left from the last time I lost - I was eating VERY similar to now - only there was a FREE list - on the FREE list was low salt tomato juice - as much as I wanted - and to keep from eating - I wanted a LOT. I now have an allergy level reaction to ADDED salt - really terrible. So, I have to watch it like a hawk.

Believe me - I tried the Lean Cuisine etc - and I loved them - and I can see with working that they would be a very good answer - but even the lower salt ones (there is a big spread in sodium levels) GETS ME.

I laughed when I saw ARTICHOKE - the last time - only time I have ever had them was at your mom and dad's house - i know they are one of your favorites - and I LOVED them that day too - but I don't know how to make them. Before you tell me - what are the counts? No point in even getting started if it is a bad habit anyway.