Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Catching up...

....days and days since I last posted. Things have been busy, but I've been pretty darn good with the food and the WOW program (although I admit to one martini last night after a particular stress-filled day due to work and sweet DB's stress with his siblings over care for their parents...grrr).

Friday night we went to see The Departed. Big mistake. I thought I'd love it because I love Scorsese and Nicholson. WRONG. It was unoriginal, uninspiring, and uninvolving in every way. Comic-book violence at the end. I didn't care about ANY of the characters so when things happened, ho hum. DB thought the filming was kind of interesting in the beginning -- I didn't. When it was over, everyone in the theatre just got up and walked out. No chatter, no reaction, no waiting for credits. From what I read (a little) on IMDB, people who enjoyed it tended to have seen the original Hong Kong version and it sounds like that version had a little more heart/conflict/originality. None of which The Departed had. I absolutely hated it. But I guess that's clear!! ;-)

Still on the movie tip -- let Oscar season abound!! I was THRILLED to see that Little Miss Sunshine did so well -- I absolutely loved that movie. The one scene between the little girl (nominated) and her grandfather (also nominated) was classic. I've asked for the DVD for my (very soon upcoming) birthday. :-) Of course, I was very disappointed that The Departed is nominated -- ick. Although Markie Mark (!) did give a pretty good performance (as did Leo), it wasn't worth over two hours of my (or anyone else's) time. Scorsese might win for this and that will be a travesty...I can name plenty more of his films (like all of them!) who deserve it more (and I love him). I can't wait to see Babel...maybe while we're on vacation next week. I was a little sorry to see that Sascha didn't get nominated for Best Actor for Borat because it was a truly unique character creation -- but maybe he'll still get to present and that will be fun. An Inconvenient Truth is awesome...big ups for that as Best Documentary! It actually changed the way I live my life...in small ways, but still...

I did manage to get to the gym this weekend despite social life (hanging with some Burning Man friends who were in town and with my best friend and her mom) and preps for vacation (including yet another trip to the vet with Doglet).

This week will be hectic pre-vacation at work and in the evenings, so may be a little scarce here. Or not! I guess it all depends on what shakes out! I'm very excited for our week in Tahoe next week -- skiing, gambling, RESTING. :-) We have rented a house so since we'll have a full-on kitchen I should have some pretty good control over food. At least as good as is realistic for VACATION and BIRTHDAYS! ;-)


Vickie said...

Do I know the person (and their mom) that came to visit you?

Have a very happy birthday - if I forget to tell you closer.

Also - havea GREAT vacation. You are a travel princess this year!

Does the knee continue to improve?

Vickie said...

How about NO bra - is that cute at 45? - don't think so . . .

Lori said...

I didn't want to see The Departed b/c I don't really like Violence and I had heard it was over the top.

I love Little Miss Sunshine...Have you seen The Queen? It's pretty funny in that English understated way.

It sounds like you had a great weekend and a busy week ahead. It's always crazy at work when you're trying to get away and yet you managed to get in a gym session. Impressive!

Your week in Tahoe sounds like fun and you deserve it.