Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Importance of Being Exercised

When leaving a note on Vickie's blog today(see link to her on the right if you are interested -- I still haven't figured out hyperlinking!!), I realized that I haven't talked here much about the importance of exercising and this week I'm all about exercising so here's a reprint of what I wrote to her and more:

The last time I lost weight (over 120 lbs. and I've kept most of it off, but not enough!) I was RELIGIOUS about going to the gym. I actually put it on my calendar as an appointment and it was UNBREAKABLE. When I started going to yoga instead of the gym, I found out that I LOVED it and went even more often than I had been going to the gym.

In late 2004 when my beloved yoga studio closed and I met my darling boyfriend (DB) at about the same time, my exercise life fell apart -- I had no "yoga home" and it was easy for me to convince myself that it was more important to hang out with DB than to search for a new yoga home (which, by the way, it was...but maybe for not as long as I was lax with exercising!).

Just when I found a new yoga home this summer and things we getting back on track (although I, admittedly, was not being very good with food) I had surgery on my knee which has kept me from real exercising for over 3 months (it was supposed to be less than a month!). Anyway, even after only a few physical therapy "work out" appointments and one gym trip so far (I'm going again tonight -- have to get stronger at the gym before I can head back to yoga), my body is starting to feel like itself again...slowly! But I'm going skiing in 2 1/2 weeks for a week's vacation...I plan to ski as much as I can (skiing is FUN activity for me even though I SUCK). :-))

In addition to this I'm really trying to confront my habit of daily cocktails/wine. I have made a pact with an on-line friend who has a similar challenge and we're working to learn MODERATION. We're both ex-smokers with weight issues so have a lot in common! I'm excited to see how this goes...I know I will feel better in so many ways when I learn a new habit, i.e., MODERATION. I've got a big problem with moderation -- I've always been a "if one is good, two/three/ten are better" kind of person. Not to mention that I'm kind of OCD and get into ruts (walk in door, pour cocktail) very easily. I've heard it takes two weeks to start a new habit...I hope so! :-)

Already today after exercising and laying off the booze last night my stomach feels less poochy. MUST. REMEMBER. THIS. :-)


Vickie said...

On an archive that I read - a while back - the writer was trying to curb her habits too.

What she did - in case you are interested - is first looked at the calories and decided what drinks WERE allowable (I can't remember what they WERE - but there was a HUGE difference between her usual preferences).

Then she started with a thing where she only drank between certain hours on certain days (like maybe Monday AND Friday night)- so that it wasn't an every night thing.

She was all about habits too - and talked about the same things that you did - oh - it's 5pm - time for a drink - whether she WANTED it or not.

Lori said...

I'm really trying to do well with the exercise b/c I know if I'm going to keep this off, I have to be active every day in some way.

Right now, I'm not seeing anyone and I'll be honest, it would be an issue for me to get in my hours and see someone. That Guy lives a distance away (45-60 min.) and that was one nice thing about him; we had to plan it out. So if I meet someone, it will be a challenge. My newest goal is to join a hiking group in the spring. So I can identify with your situation with the darling BF.

So kudos for going back and taking care of your knee. I'm impressed with anyone that skis.

BTW, thanks for the Jeannette W. book recommendations. I'll add them to my neverending list. (I'm only reading 3-4 books right now.)

As for the wine, one of my friends loves her glass and she adds either seltzer or soda (I can't remember which) to dilute it and make it less caloric.

Maybe you can change your cocktail into a mocktail like a fake gin and tonic (that's always a summery drink, you're out on the beach, right?). What's cool is you're working with another person and together you're looking at and working on something that bothers you. Way to go!

Helen said...

Thanks to both of you for your excellent suggestions!!! Right now, I'm off alcohol on weeknights and will try to make THAT my new habit. It's not easy to get into a new rut!! :-) We'll see how that impacts when I weigh-in tomorrow or Friday.