Thursday, February 28, 2008

AAAACCCK Popcorn!!!!

I smell it. It's leaking in. Someone in my office has just made popcorn...and it WOULD be on the day when, for the first time since I started The Drastic, I am feeling a little peckish at my usual time in the afternoon (4ish). This is DANGER time. I used to always have a smoke at 4 too. DANGER.

The popcorn smell is making me hungrier. Now, I don't think I'm really hungry right now...if I were, I would have grabbed one of the healthy snacks that I have here for just this kind of emergency. But I didn't want that until I smelled the Devil Popcorn. So I don't think I REALLY want that.

Popcorn isn't really a is allowed actually...if I NEED it and in the right portions. But this Devil Popcorn is, I'm sure, too much and too fatty.

I must resist.

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Vickie said...

Can you do a fast power walk each day at 4? I assume that you used to go outside to smoke - so I assume you could go out to walk for 5-10 minutes and then drink WATER (on your way back in) to fill your tummy.

I know a blogger who's office rule is NO food. I know many offices that have a NO SMELL rule for food - and that means no popcorn.

Is it a weight or fitness challenged person that makes it - so you can feel a little smug and fit???