Friday, February 22, 2008

Update on The Drastic

Unsurprisingly, the scale is down today quite a lot despite the Krazy Kiddie Food Fiesta last Sunday/Monday. I guess The Drastic works. At least so far...

Let me describe what The Drastic consists of for me. For some other people, this might not seem all that drastic, but I have never -- including when I was losing The Big Weight -- been a "deprive myself" kind of person. That does not and never will work for me at all for any length of time and, when it comes to watching my weight, we're looking at something I can cope with for a LIFEtime.

During the week, my routine is easy to set and maintain: for breakfast I eat one piece of dry toast, one hard-boiled egg and one egg white (my doctor told me long ago that protein was super-important for breakfast and I've had most success when I stick with that); for lunch I eat some kind of frozen meal (low fat, low cal, never more then 400 cal MAX); and for dinner I have a big salad with some low fat dressing and some protein and, often, a 60 cal. popsicle from Trader Joes. NO booze. I am hanging on to my diet lemonade in a turns out I really just like to DRINK...doesn't have to be booze...I'm happy with my lemonade and the last two nights I've been squeezing a little fresh lemon juice into glasses of water for the last hour before I go to bed. I'm definitely getting enough hydration now! :-)

I go to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday nights. If, for some reason, I can't go on one of those nights, I definitely make it up on another night in the same week.

Weekends will be different...if I get up late, I may do just two meals in the day. I may go to Taco Bell (they have low fat options and I have them make my stuff special with no cheese or other fatty stuff). I will eat out more, but I will eat healthy and...NO booze. I also exercise both days on the weekend: yoga one day, gym the other.

Having these simple rules feels good and natural: I ate pretty much this way (wasn't as strict with booze) for over 10 years and maintained my loss of The Big Weight (give or take 10 pounds). I think if I really can do as I plan over the next three months that I will make good progress. And I feel very very committed...whenever I look at the chips in our pantry, I just think of that bathing suit in Mexico! ;-)

So, what happens after the three months? Well, I'm sure I'll be a cheap date when we get to Mexico for one thing! ;-) Seriously...when we get back, I will keep this up until I am at a weight where I am comfortable. I'm not sure right now what that is, but I will know. I've done this before and have learned a lot during that and since then. I have realized the past few days that what I have been doing the past year and a half when I've given lip service to losing weight is MAINTAINING. I have been up 10 (or even 15) and down again, but I have been in that same range. This is fine when you are at range where you are comfy. I AM NOT. So I have to do The Drastic in order to lose weight to get to that range and then I can have a treat from time-to-time...but NOT every day. Hello Self, I hope you hear what I just wrote!!!!

In other news of cleaning out: one of DB's daughter's has a friend whose 2-year-old has just been diagnosed with leukemia. While they have insurance, they don't have the money to make the co-pays (the nightmare of the U.S. health insurance system). They have already lost their apartment and have had to move in with a grandparent. Heartbreaking. The friends of the family are planning a huge rummage sale next Saturday to raise funds for the family. DB's daughter has been ALL OVER this...I am so proud of her...they have gotten a church for a venue for the sale, have gotten local press coverage, etc. I have been busily gathering stuff to take up and sell -- not just from our house, but I have all my friends and acquaintances on it too! I also have been taking my huge cd collection that I had been meaning to rip into iTunes and I've been doing it then putting stuff that I don't want anymore and that is worth $4 or more onto and selling it. All the money I'm collecting will go to the little boy's fund. I've already made about $75 and that feels GOOD. :-)

DB leaves for Nearby Town tomorrow for his week tending the parents. I have a million things to do: bar mitzvah early tomorrow morning, hair cut, pick up my tax returns from my tax attorney, gym, yoga, go to DB's daughter's with a load of stuff for the sale, take DB's daughter and granddaughter Princess out shopping for a few hours on Sunday, then THE OSCARS (no, I haven't seen as many as usual this year, but I still plan to win my office Oscar pool!). ;-)

Tonight we have a final birthday celebration and I will drink (last time until Mexico), but will eat moderately. We're going to our local sushi place (right behind our house) and I know their menu very well -- it's easy to eat healthy there. :-)

Onward with The Drastic!! :-)


Grumpy Chair said...

Way to go on keeping up with Drastic! And all your hard work and dedication is paying off at the scale!

I think I like holding a wine glass, so I have been putting Crystal light in it with lots of crushed ice.

Grumpy Chair said...

P.S. - I'm so sorry about the little boy with leukemia. Stuff like that breaks my heart. DB's daughter is a living angel in my book.

Helen said...

Exactly my point about the booze...I think it's just habit to put wine (or vodka) in that glass! I'm breaking the habit. :-)

And I agree about DB's daughter...with very little money herself, she is giving SO much.

Lori said...

I'm so sorry about the little boy. DB's daughter is just so wonderful to jump in and help them out. I hope that they are talking to the hospital social worker about their financial situation -- there might be some way that maybe the Leukemia Society could help or maybe they would even qualify for social security (well, the little boy, I mean).

I've gone to Taco Bell and ordered mine Fresco (no cheese) and it's pretty darn tasty. I love Chipotle's too. Your meal plan sounds really good (and your doctor was right about the protein; one nutritionist said for me to make sure I had plenty of protein at lunch to get through the afternoon too).

Cindy164 said...

I am getting a little drastic myself. In my lazy girl version of drastic. Congrats on the scale going down!! I am so sorry about the little boy. So great that people are helping. I hope it all goes well.