Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cucumbers (and other veggies as snacks)

Bringing this out of comments from yesterday: big props to Vickie for reminding me about the wonder of cucumbers!!

I am LOVING them as a chip or cracker substitute. I'm a snacker and a dipper. I use these to dip in fat free cottage cheese, salsa, red pepper/artichoke tapanade (my new fat-free, lo-cal fave from Trader Joes), etc. etc. I think I'm saving hundreds or millions of calories this way!! And I do not miss the chip or cracker which, to me, is usually just a means to get the dip to my mouth. ;-) Yum yum.

I'm also going to try roasted zucchini for this.

And my always favorite snack: artichokes.

These are the ways I'm currently avoiding the "bad" snacks.

Still no effect from stopping aspartame. And I'm also still not feeling very peppy when I wake up in the morning...I thought that would be better after laying off the booze. :-(


Vickie said...

I thought of another one for you - thinly sliced RAW sweetpotato. I think I have mentioned this before - but anything that requires wrapping - lettuce or cabbage leaves - steamed or raw.

Vickie said...

I have been working on adding Dr Oz's list from Oprah -

I am now drinking 2 glasses of green/white tea (couldn't decide which - so found a brand that incorporates both) first thing every morning. I squeeze tons of fresh lemon in it.