Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Last Hurrah

If there was any question that I am an addict, this weekend surely proved it...it was my "last hurrah" and I sure acted like it! While not diving into full-on "all fried food, all the time" territory, I definitely did not watch what went into my mouth. Well, that is not entirely true, I watched what went in...and in...and in...and in. In my experience, this is addictive behavior...so many times when trying to quit smoking I would smoke like there was no tomorrow (which there allegedly wasn't for cigarettes) until I made myself SICK of them so I "wouldn't miss them" the next day and days after. Similar mental process going on here...and I identify that as the way an addict approaches her separation from her addictive substance.

I actually didn't drink as much as has been my norm lately, I don't think. But enough to be pretty DONE with that too.

Anytime I am tempted as the next days go by, I will have the vision of our beautiful straw-roofed cabana on the beach south of Cancun where we will be spending the last week of May...and will think of how awful I will feel when I see photos of me in a bathing suit during that wonderful vacation if my butt, thighs and tummy are as big then as now. There is no reason that I can't be very strict with myself for three months...that is not forever...just three short months. I CAN DO THIS.

DB is starting a 3-day jumpstart diet of his own today (or tomorrow). While I still do not see him as fat, he does and I support his desire to get rid of what makes him uncomfortable.

How do those of you who are parents do this? Being around "kid food" for two days over the weekend (we swapped houses with one of DB's daughters and kept 4 out of 5 of the grandkids for twenty-four hours) was a disaster for our digestive systems. And, P.S., how does anyone do that many kids at one time PERIOD?! While we had enormous fun and we love these kids more than words can say, DB and I were exhausted when we got home last night.

Today has started well: dry toast, one boiled egg and one egg white for breakfast with decaf coffee and green tea. This is only slightly less than what I've been eating for breakfast for several weeks (one piece of toast only and no butter). I have a business lunch, but will choose wisely at the restaurant. Gym tonight, then salad for dinner.

Grrrrr...I'm DOING this.

P.S. Is anyone else having trouble with spellcheck?
P.P.S. to Grumpy: yes, let's cut out the drinking together! My brother-in-law lost 10 pounds when he did that and he wasn't even overweight and didn't change anything else!
P.P.P.S. to Vickie: I used to be able to get that leg through fairly easily. No more. :-( But am working on not stressing about it, just getting it done in good time!

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Grumpy Chair said...

You can do it!

spell check on blogger is broken. Whawwww!!!

I used to do that with food before a planned diet - I ate my way around the United Nations:

Chinese buffet, Italian, Indian, Pizza, Seafood, etc.