Friday, February 1, 2008

Skiing is a metaphor for life

While I ride the lifts and ski down, I think. And there is so much about the physical and mental challenge (for me) of skiing, that plays into LIFE. Here's a little something I commented on Vickie's blog a minute ago that I think is SO TRUE:

For anyone reading this who has lost a lot of weight and had that "I don't need the scale" thought...YES you do. I stopped weighing when I quit smoking because I HAD TO in order to keep my quit. But staying away from the scale for a too-long time (3 years) was what led to me gaining back (not all, thank goodness, but enough). For me, from now on, I know I can't stray far from the scale. 10 pounds was not a catastrophe (although it felt like it) when I was quitting smoking. 20-30 is the slippery slope (my skiing metaphor since that's where I am today)...and a slippery slope is fine if you have CONTROL, but not fine if you don' end up in a deep snow bank and that is hard to get out of!!!

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Lori said...

You're going to be okay, Helen! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time and I"m going to look at your photos later tonight. :-)

It is a good metaphor, btw. :-)