Friday, July 25, 2008

And all this affects weight how?

I'm up a pound this week. Considering uncareful eating and drinking in Catalina last weekend, anniversary dinner (five-course meal, five different wines, but small portions of all), no gym last night and drinking most nights this Anniversary Week, I am NOT upset with this. I am still down from my pre-vacation weight and my clothes are mostly all looser and looser. I have been "maintaining" the past couple of months and that is A-OK with me for now -- at least I'm not gaining all those lbs. I lost back! And next week is another chance to lose... :-)

I did get quite a bit of inadvertent exercise this week: romantic beach walk Monday night, beach bike/walk Tuesday night after the gym, walk to and from anniversary dinner on Wednesday night, beach bike last night. All this probably mitigated the overeating damage and I'm happy about that.

Our "do-over" last night was really nice: biked down for a beach picnic near a concert on the pier (every Thursday evening in the summer, there's a free concert). Met some friends there, biked home. Nice. :-)

DB found out yesterday that he doesn't have to do his week's "duty" in Nearby Town next week as The Cool One is here and doing it for him. This is EXCELLENT news because we are madly trying to deal with pre-Burning Man preparations. Coordinating our travel and travel for 2-4 of our friends is today's job for me. I think we're going to find a way to make us all happy (which entails getting DB up to BM a few days before me -- while it would be fun to go early, I know from past years that I am pretty over the whole thing after 4-5 days so adding 2 more to our usual 7 did NOT sound fun to me!). In all events, I'll be slimmer than I have been any previous year and that will be oh-so-nice...

Thanks for the condolences for my sweet assistant...poor heart is breaking for her. She's planning to come back to work on Monday even though we've told her to take all the time she needs...she doesn't want to stew at home too much and I understand that. We will be gentle with her...the next weeks/months will be hard.


MizFit said...

had to delurk to say that a POUND you can pee out at a moments notice :)

love the inadvertent exercise bit...and that you used the word mitigate :)

Im an english lit nerd at heart.


Cindy154 said...

I wish I'd only gone up a pound. I am still patiently working on the few that I gained seemingly overnight last are doing great especially since you got to enjoy yourself and only at the price of one pound...and I am glad you had a good do-over!!!!

L.G. said...

Oh, pish-posh, ONE pound? After all you have been doing? I'm glad you are not upset about this. Like someone said, you can pee that out.

(Actually go and donate a pint of blood -- you'll lose a pound that way. I'm surprised Red Cross/Blood Services don't set up a bloodmobile across every Weight Watchers meeting site for this advantage. It's all about Marketing people!)

I can understand your assistant wanting to come back to work; it's probably making her crazy to sit at home and stare at the walls. I know you all will be kind to her. I'm so sorry again for what happened. XOXO